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Trenton 2011

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CFB Trenton Open House
Date: 5 June 2011
130307 CC-130E 413sq  
130333 CC-130H 8 Wing  
130606, 130608 CC-130J 436sq  
144618 CC-144C 412sq  
146491 CH-146 424sq  
177701, 177703 CC-177 429sq  
C-GDVF Beech B200 Aero Support Canada Inc.  
C-GWCV Schweizer SGS 2-33A Air Cadet League of Canada  
130313, 130323 CC-130E Trenton  
130344 CC-130H 8 Wing  
130604, 130605 CC-130J 436sq  
130607, 130609 CC-130J 436sq  
N497CA C212-200 Fayard Enterprises LLC  
RA-85655 TU-154M-LK1 Y.A.Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center  
Behind museum and car park:
114047 CT-114) wfu, broken up  
115464 CC-115 Trenton  
133190 CT-133 pres  
133491 CT-133 wfu broken up  
160778 YF-18A i/a  
188701/X CF-188 AETE  
188902, 188907 CF-188B ATESS Trenton  
188913 CF-188B wfu/Broken up  


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