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Whitehorse 2008

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Date: 23-24 February 2008

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84-0148 		C-12U-3 	517th AS
00-0171/AK 		C-17A 		517th AS
82-0060 		C-130H 		144th AS AK ANG
96-7324 		C-130H 		731st AS AFRC
114042 			CT-114 		AETE
114081/11 		CT-144 		431sq/Snowbirds *
114141/8 		CT-114 		431sq/Snowbirds *
114149/10 		CT-114 		431sq/Snowbirds
130339 			CC-130H 	435sq
13802 			CC-138 		440sq
140114 			CP-140 		14 Wing 	24th
142806 			CT-142 		402sq
155212, 155214 		CT-155 		NFTC
156124, 156125 		CT-156 		NFTC
C-FMFU, C-FMFZ 		Beech C90A 	Allied Wings

The annual Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Air Show is probably
as cold an air show as you can visit. Not just because
of the latitude of this barren place but mainly because of the
time of the year the show is held. The show is part of a week
full of local festivities celebrating the arrival of the first settlers
in the Yukon Territory, which borders Alaska. Not surprisingly,
participating aircraft came from Western Canada as well as
Alaska, and most of these were open to the public, preventing
unspoiled shots. The airfield was only open for a handful of
hours each day. A balmy -5°C on the first day was surpassed by
a chilly -17°C on the second day of the show, with crystal clear
conditions allowing for nice shots, provided you brought some
spare batteries for your camera... The Aurora arrived a few
hours after the show had offi cially ended. Only the Snowbirds
marked with an asterix were actually performing and made
some nice passes.

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