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Changchun 2012

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Changchun-Dafangshen (China)


25 August 2012

10123 J11B 1st Div/1st Reg  
10523 J10A 1st Div/2nd Reg  
20126 JH7A 11th Div/31st Reg  
21122 Q5J 11th Div/33nd Reg  
20571 Y8C 16th Div/47th Reg  
20073 J8FR 16th Div/46th Reg  
30421 JJ7A 21st Div/61st Reg  
30625 J8DF 21st Div/62nd Reg  
69195 J7E 88th Brigade  
…/61 HYJ7 Harbin FA/2nd Brig  
11, 16 CJ6A Sky Wing  
4155/15, 4156/16 JL8 Harbin FA/5th Brig  
Following last years event at Dafangshen, this year the ’Second Aviation Festival’ took place at the same location,      
celebrating the seasons opening of the based Air Forces Aviation University. The Festival comprised of a static show and a      
flight demonstration by the three domestic aerobatic teams, including Bayi/1 August with six J10s, Sky Wing with nine      
CJ6As and Red Eagle with eight JL8s (all serials 01 and up). Also parachute jumps were performed from a still unknown      
aircraft. Public was allowed on the base on 26 August and 1 September. This year was of special interest as many aircraft      
had undergone a serial change due to the major restructuring of last April. During the Festival also the airplane museum      
was officially opened, concluding two years building time. A spotters’ visit to check the ten aircraft on static display still      
has to be performed!      

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