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Zhuhai 2014

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Zhuhai airshow

Date: 11-16 November 2014

31294 JH7A 83rd Reg/PLAAF  
10057 Y9 10th RegPLAAF  
40576 H6M 108th Reg/PLAAF  
6268 Z8KA 15th AC/PLAAF  
76024 GJ1 151st Brig/PLAAF  
30176 KJ200 76th Reg/PLAAF  
30072 KJ2000 76th Reg/PLAAF  
683 Y20 AVIC  
31001 FC-3131 AVIC  
B-7136 Sa332 Coast Guard  
B-4061 CRJ-700 100th Reg/PLAAF  
B-4062 CRJ-700 100th Reg/PLAAF  
B-4021 B737-34N 100th Reg/PLAAF  
10-115 JF-17A Pakistan AF/PAC  
RF-93648/08re Su-35 Russian Air Force  
RA-76638 Il-76MD Russian Air Force/224…  
RA-76840 Il-76TD MChS Rossii  
05-55151/HH C-17A 535th AS HI ANG  
B-086L Y12F AVIC  
B-932L Leadair AG300 AVIC  
B-830L MA60 AVIC  
B-010L ARJ21-700 Chengdu Airlines  
B-8313 P-180 Sparkle Roll Jet  
B-3220 ERJ190-100ECJ MinshengJet Club  
B-9769 SR20 Aviclub  
F-WWOW A380-841 Airbus  
HS-DQC DHC-8-400 Nok Air  
N72XL Ce 560XL Cessna  
N887PS M20TN Mooney  
N280GD G280 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N650GA G650ER Gulfstream Aerospace  
B-9060 Phenom 300 private  
N381GX Global 6000 Bombardier  
N509CX Citation XLS+ Textron Aviation  
PK-OCG DHC-6-400 Airfast Indonesia  
B-9820 Ce208 Textron Aviation  
B-755L RX1E Liaoning GAA  
J-10AY/SY* of the August 1st team of the PLAAF:
J10AY0508/01, J10AY0511/04, J10AY0512/05, J10AY0513/06
J10AY0514/07, J10SY0208/10*, J10SY0209/11*, J10SY0210/12*
Su-27/UB* of the Russian Knights:
02 bl, 11 bl, 12 bl, 20 bl*, 22 bl*
MB339NAT of Al Fursan:
440/1,432/2, 435/3, 430/4, 434/5, 436/6, 439/7
The Su-e5 had a badge of VVS Rossia on its tailfins and the MA60 was operated on behalf of the China Meteorological Administration.


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