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Armenia 2009

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Date: 20-21 June 2009

Made by:


FAC1257  		C212-200  	nmks     
FAC5055                 Ce208-675  	GRUCO 51
FAC5743                 PA-42-720       CATAM   
FAC2320, FAC2330  	T-34A/285       GRUEA   
FAC2333  		T-34A/285       GRUEA   
FAC2119                 T-37B  		ESCOM 116
FAC2419                 T-41D(F)  	EMAVI 
FAC5115                 U-6A  		GRUEA     
PNC-0150  		UH-1H  		i/a (travelling exhibit)
HK-835-G  		PA-18A  	Juaquin Alb. Guzman
HK-1175  		C-47A  		Air Colombia        
HK-2648                 H369D  		Aeroejec. Antioaquia
HK-2669                 DHC-6-300  	ADA             
HK-2973-G  		CeT303  	Albeiro Isaza Molina  
HK-3200-G               Ce208  		Aerocivil              
HK-3641-G               PA-60-601P  	Liazardo Alvararez
HK-4212-G               PA-34-220T  	Mundo Slot        
HK-4377-G               Beech 58P  	Baron 58           
HK-4432  		DHC-8-201Q  	Aires
HK-4467, HK-4468  	Fokker 50  	Avianca
HK-4469, HK-4580  	Fokker 50  	Avianca
HK-4490  		PA-34-200T  	Bernardo Gomez
HK-4491, HK-4539 	DHC-8-Q202  	Aires
HK-4502, HK-4503  	BAe4101  	EasyFly
HK-4551  		BAe4101  	EasyFly
HK-4570-G  		PA-34-220T 
HK-4595  		PA-34-200T  	private
HK-4610-X  		Beech 1900D  	TAC
HK-4628-G  		Beech 60  	private

Flying only:
FAC3040, FAC3044  	Kfir C7  	ESCOM 111
FAC3047  		Kfir C7  	ESCOM 111
FAC2120, FAC2128  	T-37B  		ESCOM 116
FAC2130  		T-37B  		ESCOM 116   
FAC4403                 UH-1H-II  	CACOM 4  
EJC2186                 UH-60L  	BatAv. No.2
HK-4398                 BAe3201  	ADA       

(no serial)  		MU-2  		Colombian AF c/s

The Colombian city of Armenia was again the scenario for an-
other  edition  of  the Armenia's  International Air  Festival.  This 
edition of the Festival, the 20th one, was more special for vari-
ous  reasons.  The  organization  celebrated  the  Colombian Air 
Force's 90th anniversary, the city's 120th anniversary and the 
new name of International Airport. On Saturday, during the of-
ficial ceremony, a Fokker 50 of Avianca took off and made a low 
pass over the new control tower making the National Anthem 
a very exciting moment. Minutes after the ceremony, a group 
of three T-34s from the Escuela Militar de Aviación, came over 
the runway with great coordination. Seconds later, the amazing 
sound of three Kfir C7s from Palanquero AFB astonished the 
crowd  making  the  great  low  passes  and maneuvers that  the 
Colombian Air Force pilots are used to do on every air show. 
Also  from  Palanquero AFB,  a  group  of  three Tweet T-37  jet 
trainers arrived to the airport making amazing maneuvers and 
leaving the Festival with the applause of the crowd. The Beaver 
and T-41 of Colombian Air Force took off and made some for-
mation low passes with the sound of the piston engines making 
the  day  for  the  spectators. The  air  force  participation on the 
Festival ended with the jump of the parachuting exhibition team 
Águila  de  Gules  from  a  C-212-200.  During  this  day  a group 
of  civilian  aircraft  also made extreme  maneuvers  showing  to 
the crowd the excellent training of the Colombian civilian pilots. 
One  of  the  highlights  of  the  day  was  the  participation of the 
parachuting team Águilas de Humo arriving from Villavicencio 
on board a mighty DC-3 that parked on the ramp making the 
place seem very elegant. During the second and final day, the 
exhibitions were in charge of the private pilots with a short par-
ticipation  of  Colombian Air  Force. An  UH-1H  helicopter  from 
Palanquero AFB made some low passes, not over the runway, 
but directly over the crowd. Afterwards, a Tweet T-37 took of 
and made some low passes and maneuvers before heading to 
its home base. Meanwhile, the mighty DC-3 took of with more 
than  30  parachutes  on  board  than  jumped and  filled  the  sky 
with their colors. The thrilling moment of the day arrived after 
a second DC-3 participation. Before landing, the aircraft made 
a low pass with a high steep climb. After the DC-3, a group of 
sport aircrafts, including a crop sprayer, made some acrobatic 
maneuvers that leaded for another DC-3 low pass and a great 
exhibition in charge of the president of the Colombian Air Civil 
Patrol on board a Piper Aerostar that made the lowest passes 
of the day and some rolls over the crowd that cheered the pilot 
once in ground. The last  exhibition  of  the day was in charge 
of the FAC's Beaver and T-41. After their show, the rain came 
over the airport around 3:00 pm and this led to the end of the 
Festival. Another great edition of this Festival, the oldest in Co-
lombia, ended here. Again, the friendship of pilots, visitors and 
aviation enthusiast was seen during the two days of the shows, 
making  of  this, maybe not  the  biggest,  but  surely  one  of  the 
most friendly and pleasant festivals in Colombia.

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