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Rionegro 2004

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Date: 27 June 2004

Made by:


FAC4133		AH-60L		nn
FAC2251		AT-27		Esc.312         
FAC4010	        Bell 212	nn      
FAC4020	        Bell 212	nn      
FAC1005	        C-130H		Grupo 71        
FAC1262	        CN235M-100	Grupo 71
FAC1172	        EMB145LR	SATENA  
FAC3003	        Kfir TC7	Esc.213 
FAC2304	        T-34A		Esc.612         
FAC2122	        T-37B		Esc.215         
FAC2428	        T-41D(H)	Esc.611 
EJC-500/N359KA	K-1200		BAHEL/DOS
EJC-390		Mi-17MD		BAHEL             
EJC-115	        RC695		BAHEL             
EJC-408	        UH-1H-II	BAHEL/DOS 
ARC802	        CN235-200	ARC       
ARC409	        Gavilán 358M	GANTAF    
PNC-0921	Bell 206L	EEA
PNC-0260	Ce152		EEA

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