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Rionegro 2015

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Rionegro F-Air 2015
Date: 10-12 July 2015
ARC228 Bell 412EP GANCA  
ARC803 CN235-300MPA GANCA  
EJC1123 C212-100CB BAAV 1  
EJC2105 S-70i BAAV 2170M01,  
EJC3375 Mi-17-1V BAAV 3 SAR c/s
FAC1014 C-130B ESCTA 811  
FAC1202 KC-767-2J6(ER)MMTT ESCTA 811 10, 12    
FAC1285 C295M ESCTA 811  
FAC1654 AC-47T ESCOM 113  
FAC2127 T-37B ESCOM 116  
FAC2177 OA-37B ESCOM 311  
FAC2183 A-37B ESCOM 311 $
FAC2254 AT-27 ESCOM 212  
FAC2337 T-34A EMAVI  
FAC2465 T-90D CIAC  
FAC3118 A-29B ESCOM 211/312  
FAC4120 MH-60L Ángel ESCOE 512 $
FAC4134 UH-60L Arpía III ESCOE 511 $
FAC4214 OH-13S CACOM 4  
FAC4470 Bell 206B-3 EHFAA  
FAC5075 Ce208B ESCOM 113  
FAC5076 Beech B350 ESCTA 811  
PNC-0150 UH-1H i/a  
PNC-0242 ATR42-320 ARAVI  
PNC-0610 UH-60L ARAVI  
PNC-0926 Bell 407 ARAVI  
HJ412 TECAM P2008 n/t  
HJ435 MXP-800 n/t  
HK-3554-G Beech B200 Aeronautica Civil  
HK-4048 L-410UVP Searca  
HK-4697 AW119Ke HeliCol 10
HK-4715-G PA-34-200T AviaCol  
HK-4762 R44 n/t  
HK-4897-G PA-34-22T n/t  
HK-4988-G R22 Sarpa  
HK-5059 Beech 1900D Searca  
HK-5092-G P2002 n/t  
HK-5133 AW139 Helistar 10
N278FJ Falcon 900EX Dassault 10,11
N595EX Ce208B CessnaAircraftComp.10,11  
N773GP SR-22T Cirrus Design Company  
N878EE EMB550 Embraer 10-11-2015
N969GC EMB505 Embraer 10-11-2015
N4247U AT-802U Air Tractor Incorp.  
N80709 Beech 350ER Beechcraft Corp. 10
OB-2024 DHC-6-400 Minera Barrick Misquichilca  
OK-YJH Zlin 137T Zlin  
PP-OCE PC-12/47E OceanAir Taxi Aero  
  Mi.8 cockpit only  
Flightline in front of static:
FAC3103, FAC3106 A-29B ESCOM 211/312  
FAC3109, FAC3113 A-29B ESCOM 211/312  
EA300L Los Halcones:
1325/1, 147/2, 1304/3, 146/4, 145/5
Military side:
FAC0007 UH-60L Halcon Gruve 82 9-11-2015
FAC1203 B727-151(C) ESCTA 811  
FAC1209 B737-46B(F) ESCTA 811  
FAC1282 C295M ESCTA 811  
FAC4103, FAC4106 UH-60L Halcon ESCOE 512  
FAC4110 UH-60L Halcon bare metal inside hangar
FAC4124, FAC4131 UH-60L Arpía III ESCOE 511  
FAC4125 UH-60L Arpía IV ESCOE 511  
FAC4132 UH-60L Arpía III ESCOE 511  
FAC4137 MH-60L Ángel ESCOE 512  
FAC4530 UH-1H-II ESCAA 412 11-12-2015
FAC5055 Ce208 ESCOE 512  
FAC5069, FAC5071 Ce208B ESCOE 512  
visitors 9 July:
FAC1041 F-28-3000C ESCVE 821  
FAC1209 B737-46B(F) ESCTA 811  
visitors 10 July:
FAC0001 B737-74V GRUVE 82  
FAC1209 B737-46B(F) ESCTA 811  
FAC1211 Ce550 ESCVE 821  
FAC1215 ERJ135BJ ESCVE 821  
FAC1952 IAI201 ESCOM 113  
PNC-0227 C-26B ARAVI  
PNC-0255 Beech B200 ARAVI  
visitors 11 July:
EJC1146 An-32B BAAV 1  
EJC3391 Mi-17-V5 BAAV 3  
FAC0002 F-28-1000 GRUVE 82  
FAC1209 B.737-46B(F) ESCTA 811  
FAC2253 AT-27 ESCOM 212  
PNC-0494, PNC-0743 UH-1H-II ARAVI  
Visitors 12 July:
EJC1138 Ce208B BAAV 1  
FAC0002 F-28-1000 GRUVE 82  
FAC1209 B737-46B(F) ESCTA 811  
PNC-0202 DHC-6-300 ARAVI  
PNC-0608,PNC-0609 S-70A ARAVI  
Flying only 9 July:
F-WWCF A350-941 Airbus Industries  
Flying only 11 & 12 July:
FAC2128, FAC2129 T-37B ESCOM 116  
FAC2132, FAC2133 T-37B ESCOM 116  
FAC2136 T-37B ESCOM 116  


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