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Caslav 2013

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Caslav Airshow
Date: 25 May 2013
455 C.295M 242.tsl  
9235 JAS.39C $
9820 JAS.39D  
5015 L-39ZA  
6063 L-159A  
6067 L-159T1 $
2602 L-410UVP-E14 242.tsl  
711 Mi-2 CLV LOM Pardubice  
9767 Mi-171Sh 231.vrl  
3369 Mi-35 221.lbvr  
719 W-3A 243.vrl, SAR c/s  
557 Z-143C CLV LOM Pardubice  
3825 MiG-15bis pres nmk  
2614 MiG-21MA pres Caslav badge  
5516 Su-7BM pres nmk  
FA84 F-16AM 2w $
FA129 F-16AM 2w  
D-EELE Casa 1.131E ex Spain E.3B-589  
D-EOCS C-104S ex CZS AF 213
OK-AJW c/n 993405 L-29 ex Slovak AF 3405  
G-PTWO P2-05 ex/as Swiss AF U-110  
N43GK N2S-5 ex/as BuNo 43436  
N50RT A6M2 Zerocomposite, (T-6 base)  
N151W P-51D ex 45-11540/PE-R  
N313WB T-28B ex BuNo 138238/WB-313  
N409TH O-2A ex/as 68-11150  
N544NR as 49-12821 T-6G ex BuNo 27485  
N696RE AT-6C ex/as South Afr AF 7696  
NX1954H Sea Fury FB.10 ex 324  
N9550Z C-45H ex 52-10656, as “602271”  
The Mig-21MA 2614 had different c/n badges, c/n plate nosewheel 2706, main wheel 2614
Flying only:
3085 A.319-115 241.dlt  
6060, 6064, 6065 L-159A  
6073 L-159B Aero Vodochody  
9236, 9238, 9244 JAS.39C  
CE03 ERJ.135LR 21 sm  
One more L-159 was visible on the far flightline, no id unfortunately
1720/20 L-29 pres nmk  
108 L-39C pres nmk  
6035 L-159A pres nmk  
3832 MiG-15bis pres nmk  
4003 MiG-21MFN pres new gate, tiger c/s  
5212 MiG-21MF pres spec c/s  
5214 MiG-21MF pres old gate  
4850 MiG-23ML pres nmk  
5733 MiG-23BN pres nmk  
5526 Su-7BM pres nmk  


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