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Hradec Kralove 1997

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Date: 13 September 1997

Made by: Scramble


3C-JF                 AB206A       FlRg1/2
5S-TA                 SC-7-3M      FlRg1/4
21                    J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/2
060                   Yak-40       16TAB/Bulg. AF
130311                CC-130E      8 Wing
144611                CE-144A      434sq
2903                  An-26        6zdl/Czech AF
1107                  An-30        344dpzlt/Czech AF
3403/03               L-29         342vlt/Czech AF
0107                  L-39C        341vlt/Czech AF
3903                  L-39ZA       322tlt/Czech AF
1523                  L-410FG      344dpzlt/Czech AF
0005                  L-610M       LZO/Czech AF
8748                  Mi-2         343vlt/Czech AF
0811                  Mi-17        nb/Czech AF
0834                  Mi-24V       331vrlt/Czech AF
7701                  MiG-21MF     LZO/Czech AF
4850                  MiG-23ML     41slt/Czech AF
4208/53/NA-2C         Su-22M4K     321tpzlt/Czech AF
7310/25/NA-2A         Su-22UM3K    321tpzlt/Czech AF
9094                  Su-25K       322tlt/Czech AF
3348                  Su-25UBK     322tlt/Czech AF
0712, 0719            W-3A         62vrlt/Czech AF
E20/7-PR, E37/7-PQ    Jaguar E     EC02.007
4607                  Tornado IDS  JBG34
'54' (r)              An-24T       Russian AF
2506                  An-26        32ZmDK/Slovak AF
6829                  MiG-29A      31SLK/Slovak AF
T.19B-10/35-28        CN235EA02    Ala 35
T-311                 AS332M1      FlRg4/Swiss AF
'48' (o/l)            Su-27P       831IAP/Ukr. AF
UR-76415              IL-76        409 APSZ/Ukr. AF
ZG532/86              Harrier GR7  3sq
ZG859/91              Harrier GR7  4sq
XX282/CQ              Hawk T1A     100sq
ZA470/BQ              Tornado GR1  14sq
ZE295/BC              Tornado F3   29sq
70-1264/RS            C-130E       37th AS
62-3517/D             KC-135R      351st ARS
89-2178/AV            F-16D        510th FS
164726/BM-09          F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-332
F-AZGE                MD312        '158/P'
N8281                 Lj35A        MDD
OK-OHG                L-200A
OK-XIS                Bell 206

Platform near KC-135:
MM62120/46-90         G222TCM      98√łGr
OK-JZE                Yak-11

Flightline 1:
AT03, AT25            Alpha Jet    1w      spec. c/s
15                    MiG-29-12    5AB/Bulg. AF
04                    MiG-29UB     5AB/Bulg. AF
3711                  F-4F         JG74
4367, 4557            Tornado IDS  JBG34
25                    MiG-29UB     59HVRO/Hung. AF
6930                  MiG-29A      31SLK/Slovak AF
C.15-25/15-12         EF-18A       Grupo 15
C.15-30/15-17         EF-18A       Grupo 15
J-3025                F-5E         FlSt11/FlSt18
J-3026                F-5E         nm
J-3079                F-5E         FlSt1
J-5231                F/A-18D      nm (FlSt17)
'57' (o/l)            Su-27P       831IAP/Ukr. AF
90-0800/AV            F-16D        555th FS
G-BWGT                J.Provost T4

L-39Cs of Biele Albatrosy: 0112/1, 0442/2, 4355/3,
0101/4, 0111/5, 0102/6 and an L-39ZA: 4707

L-39Cs of Vjazma Aero Club: '67' (r), '112' (w),
'132' (w), '07' (y),'19' (y), '46' (w), '83' (y),
'84' (y)

Flightline 2:
3247                  L-29         342vlt/Czech AF
0006                  L-39MS       341vlt/Czech AF
0101                  L-59T        VU30/Aero
1002                  Su-25K       322tlt  spec. c/s

Flightline 3:
15                    J35Ö         FlSt2/UbG/2
3756                  MiG-21UM     LZO     spec. c/s
2406                  MiG-23ML     41slt/Czech AF
J-878                 F-16A        323sq
L9-51/51              PC-9         15Brig/Slov. AF

Helicopter flightline:
3C-JC, 3C-JD          AB206A       FlRg1/2
3C-JE, 3C-JI, 3C-JJ   AB206A       FlRg1/2
0839                  Mi-17        nb/Czech AF
0816, 0837, 0839      Mi-24V       331vrlt/Czech AF
0711                  W-3A         62vrlt/Czech AF
T-318                 AS332M1      FlRg4/Swiss AF

Hangar near An-30:
0713, 8750            Mi-2         343vllt/Czech AF
4857                  MiG-23ML     stored
0551                  Z142C        343vlt/Czech AF
0556                  Z142C-AF     343vlt/Czech AF

Hangar behind IL-76:
3234/34, 3241/41      L-29         342vlt/Czech AF
0402, 0403, 0501      L-410MA      344dpzlt/Czech AF
0928                  L-410UVP     344dpzlt/Czech AF
0244                  Mi-2         342vlt/Czech AF

Shelter along taxiway:
OK-DVG                Z126         'UC-38/C5-38/525'
OK-KMK                Z226T
OK-VNJ                Z142
OK-WRI                Z50LS

Shelter along taxiway:
OK-BIC                AS355F2
OK-JIX, OK-LJR        Mi-2
OK-PIM                H269C

0835                  Mi-8S        62vrlt/Czech AF

3947                  MiG-15bis

Construction numbers:
'54' (r)              An-24T       8910607
'67' (r)              L-39C        232225
'112' (w)             L-39C        332746
'132' (w)             L-39C        931517
'19' (y)              L-39C        433022
'07' (y)              L-39C        433033
'83' (y)              L-39C        433114
'84' (y)              L-39C        433031

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