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Hradec Kralove 2001

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Date: 1/2 September 2001

Made by: Scramble, Patrick Dirksen, Paul Coppin, Wim Das


H37			A109HA		17BnHATk
ET-199			F-16BM		Esk727
3834			F-4F		JG72
4456			Tornado IDS	JBG34
4618			Tornado IDS	MFG2
01			L-410UVP-T	12TE/LithAF
J-142			F-16AM		323sq
J-204			F-16AM		322sq
U-03			F60UTA-N	334sq
1604			An-26		13PLT
6166			C-130B		90 ATB
6305			Lancer-C	Grupul 86
ZG507/78, ZG512/83	Harrier GR7	3sq
XX226/CR		Hawk T1		100sq
XX350/350		Hawk T1A	nb
XZ112/GA		Jaguar GR3A	54sq
XZ361/FT		Jaguar GR1A	41sq
ZA541/DZ, ZD792/DE	Tornado GR4	31sq
ZE159/UV		Tornado F3	111sq
ZE161/GR		Tornado F3	43sq
81-0976/SP		A-10A		81st FS
81-0992/SP		A-10A		81st FS "52OG"
94-0070			C-17A		437th AW
91-0300/LN, 91-0330/LN	F-15E		494th FS
63-7980/D		KC-135R		351st ARS
39173/173		JAS39A		F10
1107			An-30FG		344DPzLt
3247/47			L-29		341VLt
0440			L-39C		341VLt
6006			L-159A		42SLt
1525			L-410FG		344DPzLt
0709			Mi-2		343VLt
0816			Mi-17		33zVL?
0218			Mi-24D		33zVL
5603			MiG-21MFN	41SLt
0711			W-3A		LtLPZS
4011/22			Su-22M-4	321TPzLt
0557			Zlin 142CAF	343VLt
RA-44506		Yak-18T		tiger mks
YU-YAE			G-2A Galeb	ex YugAF 23177

FA112			F-16AM		10w/nb
FA116			F-16AM		31sm, tiger mks
E-177			F-16AM		nb
4367			Tornado IDS	JBG34
4611			Tornado IDS	MFG2
511/5-OR, 516/5-OL	Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
660/3-IO		Mirage 2000D	EC01.003
R45/61-MQ		C-160R		ET01.061
MM55062/RS-26		MB339CD		311°Gr RSV
CMX7040/RS-01		Tornado IDS	311°Gr RSV
J-016			F-16AM		312sq, spec c/s
J-633			F-16AM		312sq
9526			Lancer-B	Grupul 86
L9-67/67		PC-9M		15BRVL
ZD407/36, ZD431/43	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
3403/03			L-29		342VLt
6012			L-159A		42SLt
YU-YAF			G-2A Galeb	ex YugAF 23180

Heli flightline:
H42			A109HA		nb
0710			Mi-24V		33zVL
0819			Mi-17		33zVL?
0829			Mi-17		33zVL?
B-4071			AB412		Policie

Elsewhere near flightlines:
MM62152/RS-45		G222TCM		311°Gr RSV
39176/176		JAS39A		F10
OK-KNQ, OK-LNR		Zlin-142	nn
OK-NNS, OK-ONQ		Zlin-142	nn

Platform near static:
R208/64-GH		C-160R		ET02.064
5038			C-160D		LTG62
0558			Zlin 142CAF	343VLt
0714			W-3A		LtLPSZ
D-ICDY			Do28D-2		ex GAF 5889
G-BWGT			Jet Provost T4	ex RAF XR679
SE-DVL			Falcon 900	nn

3409/09			L-29		342VLt
0567			Zlin 142CAF	343VLt

3947			MiG-15bis	preserved

Flying only:
86-0101/DY, 86-0109/DY	B-1B		28th BS
4017, 5581		MiG-21MFN	41SLt
3x			L-159A		42SLt

Visitors Saturday:
105/XK			TBM700		ETEC00.065
MM62172			Falcon 900EX	31°St
047			Yak-40		36ELTr
5803			An-24V		32DLK
XV304			Hercules C3	LTW
83-0502			C-20A		76th AS
2602			L-410UVP-E	61DLt
0834, 0835		Mi-8PS11	62VrLt

PZL-130s of Team Orlik:
038	040	042	044	045	046	048	049
The 045 was also logged as 039. Which is correct?

The Patrulla Aguila with the following C101EBs:
E.25-14/79-14/1	E.25-28/79-28/2	E.25-06/79-06/3
E.25-22/79-22/4	E.25-01/79-01/5	E.25-08/79-08/5
E.25-52/79-34/6	E.25-86/79-32/7

The Patrouille de France with Alpha Jet Es
E153/5	E175/6	E135/7	E160/8	E121/9	E122/- and codes 0,1,2,3 and 4

And L-39Cs of Biele Albatrosy with codes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 en 7.

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