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Hradec Kralove 2014

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Hradec Kralove CIAF 2014
Date: 6-9-2014
FA107, FA116 F-16AM 10w  
202 Mi-8MTV-1 20tre  
31+04 EF2000 TLG31  
J-002 F-16AM 323sq  
J-624 F-16AM 323sq (nmks)  
260 Yak40 241.dlt  
1526 L-410FG 242.tsl  
2601 L-410UVP-E14 242.tsl  
3947 MiG-15 Pres. At tower  
5017 L-39ZA  
6050 L-159A  
7353 Mi-24V 221.lbvr $
9820 JAS39D  
OK-DAJ Aero 145 ex Yugoslav Army YU-BBY  
OK-KIJ An-2 Agroair  
OK-UTI MiG-15 ex Czech 2514 $
OK-VHC, OK-XIG An-2 Aerovia  
SF260M+ of CC Air/Red Devils:
ST15, ST23, ST27, ST31, ST34
PC-9M of ETZ/Wings of Storm:
056, 057, 059, 062, 064, 067, 069
Zlin50LX of Red Bull-The flying Bulls:
A nice treat was the Croatian Mi-8. Unfortunately OK-UTI was not allowed to fly due to incorrect paperwork. It wore a Hradec Kralove city badge on its nose.
Helicopter Flightline:
OK-AHC TAH-1P “22734”  
OK-HCE Bell 206    
OK-HLS, OK-MCM R44    
Hangar “74”:
OK-HFL An-2    
OK-PSP Ce414C    
Also in the various other hangars, there were a lot of small aviation aircraft but we did not list those.
Far flightline, no public access:
6063, 6065 L-159A  
7356 Mi-24V 221.lbvr  
9244 JAS39C  
9868, 9904 Mi-171Sh 231.vrl  
508 MiG-19S stored  
1311 MiG-21PF stored  
D-EGEI FWP149D ex Germany 91+01  
D-ELEV FWP149 ex Germany 91+22  
OK-AJW L-29 ex Slovak 3405  
OK-GIB An-2    
L-39C of the Baltic Bees:
Flying only:
452 C295M 242.tsl  
9235, 9239 JAS39C  


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