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Aalborg 1981

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Open Day
Date: 14-6-1981
Made by: John Dyer, Frank van Hemert
Updated:  30-04-2015
43-461 Meteor F4    
AR-119 S35XD Esk 729  
B-679 C-130H    
E-186 F-16A    
E-401 Hunter F51    
G-779 F-100D    
K-688 C-47A    
M-072 SE3160    
R-888 CF-104    
S-191 Lynx Mk80    
T-401 T-17    
BA20 Mirage VBA    
32+43 G-91R    
35+24 RF-4E    
40+90 Alpha Jet A    
K-4030 NF-5B    
XR724/AG Lightning F6 5sq  
68-0049/UH F-111E 20th TFW  
79-0060/BT F-15C 36th TFW  
79-0111/WR A-10A 81st TFW  
F-326 F-86D Gate  
F-473 F-86D dump  
R-707 F-104G Esk 726  
RT-664 CF-104D Esk 726  
XV296/296 Hercules C1 LTW  
R-340 F-104G Esk 726  
R-342 F-104G Esk 726  
R-349 F-104G Esk 726  
R-646 F-104G Esk 726  
R-647 F-104G Esk 726  
R-700 F-104G Esk 726  
R-702 F-104G Esk 726  
R-704 F-104G Esk 726  
R-754 F-104G Esk 726  
R-757 F-104G Esk 726  
R-812 F-104G Esk 726  
E-189 F-16A    
GT-826 TF-100F    
GT-971 TF-100F    
U-277 S-61A    
K-3019 NF-5A    
XX227 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX251 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX252 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX253 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX257 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX259 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX260 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX264 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX266 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX306 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  


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