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Aalborg 1985

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Open Day
Date: 9-6-1985
Made by: Willy Metze, Gianfranco Mauri
Updated: 26 August 1999
E-176 F-16A Esk 723  
E-180 F-16A Esk 723  
E-184 F-16A Esk 723  
E-185 F-16A Esk 723  
E-186 F-16A Esk 723  
E-189 F-16A Esk 723  
E-195 F-16A Esk 723  
E-196 F-16A Esk 723  
E-203 F-16A Esk 723  
E-596 F-16A Esk 723  
E-599 F-16A Esk 723  
E-604 F-16A Esk 723  
E-607 F-16A Esk 723  
E-608 F-16A Esk 723  
ET-210 F-16B Esk 723  
R-304 F-104G Esk 726  
R-342 F-104G Esk 726  
R-348 F-104G Esk 726  
R-349 F-104G Esk 726  
R-645 F-104G Esk 726  
R-646 F-104G Esk 726  
R-699 F-104G Esk 726  
R-702 F-104G Esk 726  
R-703 F-104G Esk 726  
R-754 F-104G Esk 726  
R-755 F-104G Esk 726  
R-756 F-104G Esk 726  
RT-683 TF-104G Esk 726  
R-851 CF-104 Esk 726  
R-896 CF-104 Esk 726  
RT-657 CF-104D Esk 726  
R-757 F-104G Esk 726  
R-758 F-104G Esk 726  
A-010 A35XD Esk 725  
A-… A35XD Esk 725  
A-… A35XD Esk 725  
A-… A35XD Esk 725  
A-… A35XD Esk 725  
B-679 C-130H Esk 721  
T-401 T-17 Station Flight Aalborg  
T-419 T-17 Esk 721  
T-420 T-17 Esk 721  
T-431 T-17 Flyveskolan  
U-277 S-61A Esk 722  
U-280 S-61A Esk 722  
S-170 Lynx Mk80 Esk 722  
S-181 Lynx Mk80 Esk 722  
F-313 G-III Esk 721  
H-202 H369HM Haerens Flyvj.  
H-206 H369HM Haerens Flyvj.  
H-244 H369HM Haerens Flyvj.  
BA18 Mirage VBA 1sm  
BA52 Mirage VBA 1sm  
10/2-EE Mirage 2000C EC1/2  
40+36 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
41+27 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
41+28 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
41+52 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
41+64 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
43+49 Tornado IDS MFG1  
MM62129?/46-20 G-222TCM 2°Gr  
MM54474/6 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54475/1 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54476/10 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54478/4 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54479/9 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54480/8 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54482/3 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54483/2 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM54486/5 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
MM544.. /13 MB339A 313°Gr Frecce Tricolore
LX-N90444 E-3A NAEWF  
K-4011 NF-5B 316sq  
C-6 F27M-300 334sq  
A-390 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-398 SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-… SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-… SE3160 Grasshoppers  
A-… SE3160 Grasshoppers  
XV437/B Phantom FGR2 19sq  
XV472/E Phantom FGR2 19sq  
XX893/DC Buccaneer S2B 237OCU  
XV304/304 Hercules C3 LTW  
XX227 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX252 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX253 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX259 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX260 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX264 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX266 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX304 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XX306 Hawk T1 Red Arrows  
XZ356/AH Jaguar GR1 14sq  
XZ375/AK Jaguar GR1 14sq  
82-0655/WR A-10A 91st TFS  
80-0204/WR A-10A 81st TFW  
68-0392/RS F-4E 86th TFW  
79-0053/BT F-15C 53rd TFS  
79-0055/BT F-15C 53rd TFS  
80-0010/BT F-15C 36th TFW  
68-0030/UH F-111E 79th TFS  
68 0083/UH F-111E 79th TFS  
158752/JM RH-53D VR-24  


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