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Aalborg 1997

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Date: 15 June 1997

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 21 December 1999

AT28                  Alpha Jet    1w
E-075                 F-16A        Esk 723
H-209                 OH-6A        Hær Fl
P-254                 AS550C2      PVHKmp
S-142                 Lynx Mk80    Søv Fl
T-421                 T-17         FLSK
U-276                 S-61A-1      Esk 722
43                    S.Etendard   11F
3831                  F-4F         JG73
4591                  Tornado      AG51
6113                  Br1150       MFG3
8958                  Sea King Mk41 MFG5
MM54226/4-23          TF-104G      20øGr
'21' yellow           An-2         2 Air Base, Lithuanian AF
'01' blue             L-410UVP     1 Air Base, Lithuanian AF, c/n 820738
LX-N90442             E-3A         NAEWF
B-70                  Bo105CB      299sq
D-662                 CH-47D       298sq
J-644                 F-16A        no mks
L-10                  PC-7         EMVO
35601/01              J-35J        F10
60147/147             Sk60E        F5
ZD329/10              Harrier GR7  1sq
XX247/CM              Hawk T1A     100sq
XX146/GT              Jaguar T2A   54sq
ZA322/B-50            Tornado GR1  TTTE
ZA149/H               VC-10 K3     101sq
71-0879               C-9A         75th AAS
163840/8G             UC-12M       Mildenhall
84-0112               C-21A        76th AS
64-17681/RS           C-130E       37th AS
62-3538               KC-135R      351st ARS 'Bat outta Hell'
84-0003/SP            F-15C        53rd FS
86-0156/LN            F-15C        493rd FS
163045/MD-05          EA-6B        VMAQ-3

Near stands:
F-971                 F-86D        wreck

Maintenance hangar:
E-008                 F-16A        Esk 726
E-183, E-198          F-16A        Esk 730

In front of maintenance hangar:
R-825                 CF-104       ex Esk 726
R-851                 CF-104

T-414, T-423          T-17         FLSK

E-107 (+1)            F-16A
ET-210                F-16B

Preserved at maingate:
19966/KR-A            F-84G
F-947                 F-86D        as 'F-326'
51-504                Meteor Mk11

Flightline behind static/flying:
U-240                 S-61A-1      Esk 722
MM62126/46-26         G222TCM      2øGr
L-09                  PC-7         EMVO
ZD380/28              Harrier GR7  1sq
84-0015/SP            F-15C        53rd FS
86-0172/LN            F-15C        493rd FS

MB339A/PANs of Frecce Tricolori: MM54475/1,
MM54473/8, MM54479/10 and codes 0,2,3,4,5,7,9 and 11

Flightline next to static/flying:
B-678                 C-130H       Esk 721
F-400                 G.1159A      Esk 721
OY-BPB                C-47A
LN-WND                C-47A

Shelter area/flying:
E-024                 F-16A        nm
T-402, T-409          T-17         FLSK
T-419, T-426          T-17         FLSK
H-207                 OH-6A        Hær Fl
P-288                 AS550C2      PVHKmp
                      C-160        French AF
MM54253/4-35          TF-104G      20øGr
35586/62              J35J         F10/Swedish AF
ZA321/B-58 +1         Tornado GR1  TTTE
Plus the Patrouille de France with Alpha Jets.

E-006		      F-16A	   nn

E-004		      F-16A        Esk 726
E-005  		      F-16A        Esk 723
E-007 		      F-16A        Esk 726
E-017  		      F-16A        Esk 726
E-018                 F-16A        Esk 726
E-188	              F-16A        Esk 723
E-604                 F-16A        Esk 723
E-607          	      F-16A        Esk 723
E-197, E-.02	      F-16A	   nn
plus 8 more.

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