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Aalborg 2007

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Date: 10 June 2007

Made by: Scramble, Patrick Moonen, Malcolm


FA101 			F-16AM 		1sm spec mks     
H22 		        A109BA 		nmks             
MT35 		        CM170 		11sm              
ST48 		        SF260D 		5sm              
41 yw 		        An-2 		EstAF 	111747320  
E37/8-NL 	        Alpha Jet E 	ETO02.008   
631/3-JO 	        Mirage 2000D 	EC02.003   
45+92 		        Tornado IDS 	JBG31       
57+01 		        Do228-212(LM)	MFG3       
110 		        An-26 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB.   
27 		        MiG-29UB 	MH 59.Sz.D.REB.
04 bl 10101 	        An-26B 		Transp Esk/LithAF
1509 		        An-26 		13.eltr           
39823/823 	        JAS39D 		F7               
ZG478/68A 	        Harrier GR9A 	41(R)sq    
ZA585/054 	        Tornado GR4 	9sq         
ZD716 		        Tornado GR4 	9sq         
01-0076 	        C-37A 		309th AS          
92-1094 	        LC-130H 	139th AS NY ANG 
158924/924 	        P-3C 		nn                 
22-265 		        Meteor T7 	stored        
C-080 		        CL-604 		Esk 721          
M-508 		        EH101 Mk512 	Esk 722     
P-288 		        AS550C2 	Esk 724         
R-825 		        CF-104 		stored           
T-423 		        T-17 		FLSK               
OY-LSD 		        L-29 		as ‘09 rd’         

B-536 			C-130J-30 	Esk 721
C-172 		        CL-604 		Esk 721   
E-011 		        F-16AM 		nmks      

Flightline static side:
RA02/61-MI 		C-160R 		ET00.061            
LX-N90458 	        E-3A 		NAEW&CF               
05-5142 	        C-17A 		729th AS AFRC        
58-0038 	        KC-135R 	77th ARS AFRC      
M-513 		        EH101 Mk512 	Esk 722        
S-134 		        S Lynx Mk90B 	SHT           
U-481 		        S-61A-5 	Esk 722            
12825 		        CF-104 		stored              
AR-113 		        RF-35 		stored, nose only    
(22-)265 	        Meteor T7 	stored           
OY-ALD 		        Chipm. Mk20 	ex P-147       
OY-ATF 		        Chipm. T10 	ex RAF WD319    
OY-ATL 		        Chipm. Mk20 	ex P-146       
OY-ATM 		        KZ-VII 		ex O-619            
OY-ATO 		        Chipm. Mk20 	ex P-129       
OY-ATR 		        Chipm. Mk20 	ex P-140       
OY-BPB 		        C-47A 		ex K-682             
OY-FLV 		        Chipm. Mk20 	ex P-143       
SE-DXS/5-50 	        Vampire FB6 	ex Swiss J-1196
SE-LBS 		        Yak-52 		private             

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E135/1    E158/2    E75/3     E41/4  
E117/5    E160/6    E165/7    E163/8
E162/9    E122/0              

MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54480/1   MM54534/2   MM54539/3   MM54487/4
MM54473/5   MM54479/6   MM54500/7   MM54543/8
MM54546/9   MM54482/10  MM54551/0         

TS-11s of the Polish Team Iskry:
2008/2   1015/7   2004/8   1010/10

T-420, T-431 		T-17 		FLSK

Shelter area northeast:
FA131 			F-16AM 		2w spec mks
E-184, E-197 		F-16AM 		nmks
ET-613 			F-16BM 		nn recce run
J-018 			F-16AM 		313sq
J-055 			F-16AM 		306sq spec mks

F-5E Tigers of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081    J-3082    J-3085    J-3086
J-3088    J-3090    J-3091       

Shelterarea southeast:
39179/179, 39192/192 	JAS39A 		F7

And NF-5A/B(#)s of the Turkish Stars:
(70-3013)/13    (70-3016)/16    (70-3027)/27    (70-3036)/36 
(70-3039)/39    (70-3042)/24    (71-3055)/55    (69-4005)/05#

Flying only (base attack and formation fly-by):
E-006, E-070, E-189 	F-16AM 		nn
E-192, E-195, E-198 	F-16AM 		nn
E-200, E-597, E-610 	F-16AM 		nn
ET-199, ET-204 		F-16BM 		nn
4x 			T-17 		FLSK/Baby Blue
The Supporters of the Baby Blue team operated from Karup.
The F-16s were flying from Skrystrup. All of them were logged
during take-off from Skrydstrup and it is uncertain if all
appeared over Ålborg in the base attack. The formation fly-by
consisted of only nine F-16s.

35420/49 		J35F 		dump Southwest
DT-404 			T-33A 		at terminal
R-771 			CF-104 		pres North gate
RT-657 			CF-104D 	pres South side
S-196 			Lynx Mk80 	fuselage North gate
The fuselage of the Lynx has a green colourscheme.

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