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Aalborg 2018

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Aalborg (DEnmark)

Air Show

10 June 2018

51/(YL-KSK) L39C LITH 834466
B-536 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
C-080 CL604 Esk 721  
M-504 EH101 Mk.52 Esk 722  
T-402 T-17 FLSK  
T-412 T-17 FLSK  
OY-FHA BN-2A-21 FHV ex Belgium B07
E-176 F-16A Travelling exhibit  
S-134 S. Lynx Mk90B Pres  
R-825 CF-104 Pres  
AR-109 S-35XD Pres  
H-206 H369HM gia 41- 41-0206M
41 An-2 1. Eskadrill  
63 R44 2. Eskadrill  
50+64 C-160D LTG63  
627/115-OR Mirage 2000B EC 02.005  
102 Mi-17-1V PO 95602
41 AS365N3+ 1 Sraigtasparniu/  
07 C-27J Transporto Eskadrill  
LX-N90458 E-3A NAEW&CF  
D-103 CH-47D 298sq  
UR-76413 Il-76MD Ukraine AF 1013407215
ZK306 Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
ZK319 Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
ZK320 Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
168849 P-8A VP-10  
G-PBYA PBY-5A as USAAF 433915 ex RCAF 11005
LN-BIF PT-19A as Norway 163 ex USAAF 42-83641
OY-FAK SAI KZ-II   ex FLSK (11-)107
OY-ATI SAI KZ-VII as RDAF 63-616 ex RDAF O-616
OY-SLV MH-1521M   ex FAF 3030
OY-FUD Sk-16A   ex Swed AF 16068/71
OY-ECH Tiger Moth II   ex RAF DE164
B-537 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
E-180 F-16A GIA  
E-005 F-16AM Esk 727  
C.16-40/11-16 EF-2000 Ala 11  
C.16-51/11-21 EF-2000 Ala 11  
J-5020, J-5021 F/A-18C nb  
HN-428, HN-435 F/A-18C HävLLv 11  
58 Su-27 831 BrTA  
67 Su-27UB 831 BrTA  
N104CJ Lim-2 as 18 rd ex Polish AF 104
LN-DHY Vampire FB52 as RAF VZ305 ex Swiss AF J-1196
LN-DHZ Vampire T55 as RAF WZ447/M ex Swiss AF U-1230
LN-STF CF-104D   ex RNoAF 637
OY-ATO Chipmunk Mk20 as/ex RDAF P-129  
OY-ATR Chipmunk Mk20 as/ex RDAF P-140  
F-5E of Patrouille de Suisse:
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3087 and J-3090      
Shelter areas:
CL-168 CL604 Esk 721  
M-510, M-517 EH101 Mk52 Esk 722  
N-977 MH-60R Esk 723  
P-288, P-339 AS550C-2 Esk 724  
E-601 F-16AM Esk n730 special mks
E-607 F-16AM Esk 727 special mks
T-407 T-17 FLSK  
509 F-16C 343 Mira  
536 F-16C 340 Mira  
OY-BPB C-47A   ex RDAF K-682
Flying only:
E-600 F-16AM Esk 730  
E-609 F-16AM Esk 729  
ET-198 F-16BM Esk 730  
ET-614 F-16BM Esk 727  
T-413, T-423, T-426 T-17 FLSK  
T-428, T-432 T-17 FLSK  
Maintenance Area (south of civil terminal):
RT-657 CF-104D   preserved
Roundabout outside main gate (north side):
R-771 CF-104    
Dump (southwest side – accross runway from public area)
(35420)/49 J35F    
S-175 Lynx Mk80    

FHV (Flyverhjemmeværnet, Danish Air Force Home Guard).

Also present on the static was a KZ-III in RDAF c/s with registration 61-613 and no visible civil registration. As far as we know only two KZ-III aircraft ever served with the RDAF (61-611 and 61-612). We have not yet been able to find additional info on this aircraft. Any offers?

The yellow (RCAF c/s) Chipmunk OY-DHJ with c/n C1-0570 is in fake colours and has no military history.

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