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Karup 1979

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Date: 10 June 1979

Made by:


351102    AR102       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351106    AR106       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351107    AR107       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351108    AR108       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351110    AR110       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351111    AR111       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351112    AR112       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351114    AR114       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351115    AR115       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351116    AR116       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351120    AR120       S35XD                        ESK.729 
351001    A001        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351002    A002        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351008    A008        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351009    A009        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351010    A010        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351012    A012        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351017    A017        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351154    AT154       SK35XD                       ESK.725/729 
351155    AT155       SK35XD                       ESK.725/729 
104888    R888        CF104G                       ESK.723 
          4 X         F104G        (FLYING)        ESK.723 
55-2779   G779        F-100F                       ESK.730 
73-1680   B680        C-130H                       ESK.721 
53-7581   C581        RF-84F                       ESK.729  PRES/MUSEUM 
51-1865   C865        RF-84F                       ESK.729  PRES/MUSEUM 
51-10477  KP-A        F-84G                        ESK.7..  PRES/MUSEUM 
41-401                SPITFIRE HF.IXX              ESK.7..  PRES/MUSEUM 
          U277        S61A                         ESK.722 
          M019        SA318                        ESK.722 
          H207        H500                         HAERENS FLYVETJ. 
          T406        T17                          ESK.7.. 
          T420        T17                          ESK.7.. 
          T421        T17                          ESK.7.. 
          T422        T17                          ESK.7.. 
          T406        T17                          ESK.7.. 
76-0036   BT          F-15A                        36TFW 
75-0088   BT          F-15B                        36TFW/525TFS 
74-1637   RS          F-4E                         86TFW 
77-0260   WR          A-10A                        81TFW 
74-01532  32          F-5E                         10TRW/527TFTAS 
67-14905  905         F-5B                         SKV.336 
K3020                 NF-5A                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
K4012                 NF-5B                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
M7069     22+00       F-104G                       JABOG31 
D423      31+55       G91R3                        LEKG41 
          4 X         RF-4E             (FLYING)   AKG52 
40        61+20       BR1151                       MFG3 
50        BA50        MIRAGE VBA                   .EME WG 
XV864     S           BUCCANEER S.MK.2             NO.16 SQN 
XW538     T           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.16 SQN 
XX893     V           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.16 SQN 
XW526     Y           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.16 SQN 
XW534     Z           BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            NO.16 SQN 
XX964     BL          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.17 SQN 
XV488     R           PHANTOM FGR.2                228 OCU/NO.64 SQN 
XP749     A           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             LTF 
XP764     B           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             LTF 
XH133                 CANBERRA PR.MK.9             NO.39 SQN 
XV784     D           HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.4 SQN 
XZ131     M           HARRIER GR.MK.3              NO.4 SQN 
WR960     60          SHACKLETON AEW.2             NO.8 SQN 
XV731     BZ          WESSEX HC.2                  NO.18 SQN 
XP142     FF404       WESSEX HAS.3                 NO.737 SQN RN 

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