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Skrydstrup 2000

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Date: 18 June 2000

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T-33A, RDAF preserved
Quite a few vintage aircraft were present during the Skrydstrup show, including this shiny T-bird with serial 14491/DT-491 that looks like as if it can start its engines and take-off within a few minutes!

Photo J. Bouwmans

ST45		SF260D		5sm                   
3709	        F-4F		JG72                  
4544	        Tornado IDS	MFG2          
4629	        Tornado ECR	JBG32         
5059	        C-160D		LTG63	"Kenya Dec 94"
8491	        CH-53G		HFR15                 
8708	        Bo105P		HFR16                 
8968	        Sea King Mk41	MFG5          
HN-426	        F-18C		HävLLv 31, nmks       
226/30-QU	Mirage F1CT	EC02.030
104/12-YK	Mirage 2000C	EC01.012
615/3-JA	Mirage 2000D	EC02.003
MM7124/51-53	AMX		132º Gr
MM6787/9-32	F-104S ASA-M	10º Gr
MM7067/67	Tornado IDS	156º Gr, nmks, desert c/s
05 bl		L-39C		11NE Lith AF, c/n 395402
10 bl		Mi-8T		13SE Lith AF
LX-N90442	E-3A		NAEW&CF, spec c/s
J-014		F-16AM		322sq
302		F-16BM		332 skv, nmks
05		J35Ö		FlRg2/1
T.19B-04/35-22	CN235EA		Ala 35
66-0304		F-4E		3nci AJÜ/131 Filo
XX235/235	Hawk T1		19(R)sq
XX335/CD	Hawk T1A	100sq
XZ360/FN	Jaguar GR3	41sq
ZA598		Tornado GR1B	9sq, nmks
62-3561/D	KC-135R		351st ARS
67-0020		C-141B		437th AW                
96-0204/LN	F-15E	        492nd FS                
E-024		F-16A	        Esk 730, nmks           
E-074	        F-16A	        Esk 730, nmks (shelter) 
E-199	        F-16A	        Esk 727                 
ET-197	        F-16B	        Esk 730	,  Esk 726 mks  
ET-206	        F-16B	        Esk 730 (shelter)
F-313	        G.1159A		Esk 721         
H-203	        H500M		Hær Fl                  
P-320	        AS550C-2	PVHKmp          
S-142	        Lynx Mk80	Søv Fl          
T-432	        T-17		FLSK, FSN SKP mks)      
U-240	        S-61A-1		Esk 722                 
I-LIOI	        EH-101		EH-Industries           
SE-DXE "E rd"	Hunter Mk58	ex Swiss AF, J-4076
SE-DXF "F bl"	Hunter Mk58	ex Swiss AF, J-4087
OY-ALD		Chipmunk T20	ex RDAF P-147             
OY-ATD	        Chipmunk T20	ex RDAF P-145 (in shelter)
OY-AVF	        Chipmunk T20	ex RDAF P-139 (in shelter)
OY-AVH	        SAI KZ-VII	ex RDAF O-621             
OY-BPB	        C-47A		ex RDAF K-682                     
OY-DBE	        SV-4                                      
OY-ECV		PA-18		'215272'
OY-EFI	        Auster Mk5	ex TW477, c/n 1815      
OY-IIB	        Harvard IIb 	ex RDAF 31-309    

3747		F-4F		JG72
MM62153/RS-46	G222TCM		RSV
J-511		F-16AM		315sq
C.15-28/15-15	EF-18A+		Ala 15
ZA321/TAB	Tornado GR1	15(R)sq
ZA322/TAC	Tornado GR1	15(R)sq
B-680		C-130H		Esk 721, 	ann mks

Shelter area Esk 730:
AT05, AT18	Alpha Jet E	1w, spec c/s
ST42		SF260D		5sm
4638		Tornado ECR	JBG32
80/41-XF	TBM700		ETE00.041
255/30-QI	Mirage F1CT	EC02.030
MM7144/51-41	AMX		132º Gr
MM6716/9-31	F-104S ASA-M	10º Gr
MM7050/36-44	Tornado IDS	156º Gr, desert c/s
J-067		F-16BM		315sq
J-509		F-16AM		315sq
284		F-16A		RNoAF
08		J35Ö		FlRg2/1, spec c/s
CE.15-4/15-73	EF-18B+		Ala 15
66-0314		F-4E		3nci AJÜ/131 Filo
XZ113/FD	Jaguar GR3	41sq
ZD811/JJ	Tornado GR4	14sq
84-0086		C-21A		76th AS
H-244		H500M		Hær Fl
P-319		AS550C2		PVHKmp
S-134		Lynx Mk80	Søv Fl
T-415		T-17		FLSK

Hangar near shelter area Esk 730:
E-174, E-176	F-16A		nn
T-408, T-430	T-17		FLSK

Hangar Esk 727:
ET-022, ET-208	F-16B		Esk 727

Hangar Esk 730:
E-181, E-195	F-16A		Esk 730

Maintenance hangar near static:
E-107		F-16A		Esk 730
E-596	        F-16AM		Esk 723
ET-626	        F-16B		Esk 727

Light aircraft area:
OY-ATL	        Chipmunk T20	ex RDAF P-146
OY-ATM	        SAI KZ-VII	ex RDAF O-619
OY-AVL	        Chipmunk T20	ex RDAF P-128
OY-CFN	        P149D		ex GAF 9150          

Far side:
E-180		F-16A		Esk 730, 	ann c/s
E-193	        F-16A	        Esk 727                
66-7955	        C-141B	        62nd AW                

And also the Thunderbirds were in Europe and brought the following F-16Cs to Skrydstrup:
87-0329/1	87-0313/4	87-0325/7
87-0327/2	87-0305/5	87-0319/8
87-0331/3	87-0323/6

Flying only:
E-605		F-16AM		Esk 723
ET-612		F-16BM	        Esk 726
T-401, T-417	T-17	        FLSK   
T-421, T-423	T-17	        FLSK   
U-276, U-278	S-61A-1	        Esk 722
The two F-16s made a high speed flypast.

Mass flypast:
E-004 		F-16AM		Esk 726
E-011, E-075 	F-16A	        Esk 730
E-177		F-16AM	        Esk 726
E-178, E-189	F-16A	        Esk 730
E-190 		F-16AM	        Esk 726
E-192 		F-16A	        Esk 727
E-194 		F-16A	        Esk 730
E-196, E-200 	F-16A	        Esk 727
E-203		F-16A	        Esk 730
E-598, E-608 	F-16AM	        Esk 723
E-609		F-16AM	        Esk 726
ET-207		F-16BM	        Esk 726
ET-613		F-16BM	        Esk 723
Of the Aalborg MLU F-16s the following aircraft landed at Skrydstrup after the flypast:
E-177, E-190 and ET-613.

OY-ALF		Piper J3C-85	"USAF 215272/3-LL"             
OY-BLB	        PA-28		Luftfartsskolen                        
OY-CIG	        ATR-42-500	Cimber Air                     
OY-CPP	        Christian Eagle II                             
OY-DBC	        Stampe S.V.4B                                  
OY-DZA	        SAI KZ-III                                     
OY-HJS	        Rotorway Exec 90 -                      
OY-KZS	        SAI KZ-VIII S	 -	KZ VIII replica        
OY-TFC	        Beech A-36       Luftfartsskolen 
OY-XKZ	        Grob G103                                      
OY-XVX	        Discur CS                                      

A-004		F35		ABDR, Esk 725 mks 
(51-10603)/SKP	F-84G	        pres at gate      
(51-10487)	F-84G	        dump              
F-421		F-86D	        pres in shelter   
F-946		F-86D	        dump              
GT-870		TF-100F	        pres Esk 730 area 
GT-908		TF-100F	        pres Esk 727 area 
RT-662		CF-104D	        ABDR, Esk 726 mks 
14491/DT-491	T-33A	        ex TR ESK pres    
35922		S35E		dump

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