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Værløse 1994

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Date: 11 June 1994

Made by: Marcel de Jong


reg             code       type            unit       c/n        rem 
5038                       C-160D                     D60 
3804                       F-4F            JG 71      4617 
4576                       Tornado 
E22             7-PI       Jaguar E 
508             2-FE       Mirage 2000B 
XH169           AC         Canberra PR.9 
ZG533           CF         Harrier GR.7 
XX240                      Hawk T.1 
ZD846           BL         Tornado GR.1 
81-0956         SP         A-10A                      651 
91-0307         LN         F-15E 
B-680                      C-130H                     4599 
L-861                      PBY-6A                     2105 
RT-654                     CF-104D                    583A-5324 
E-191                      F-16A                      6F-18 
U-481                      S.61A-5                    61.481 
S-191                      Lynx Mk.80                 WA.191 
A-343                      SE.3160                    1343 

Other side: 
3747                       F-4F            JG 35      4464 
3838                       F-4F            JG 35      4719 
513             2-FJ       Mirage 2000B 
ZG862           CO         Harrier GR.7 
81-0988         SP         A-10A                      683 
90-0256         LN         F-15E 
B-678                      C-130H                     4572 
B-679                      C-130H                     4587 
K-682                      C-47A                      20019 

U-278                      S.61A                      61.278 
H-246                      H.500M                     61-0246M 
S-142                      Lynx Mk.80                 WA.142 
S-170                      Lynx Mk.80                 WA.170 

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