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Vandel 1995

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Date: 7 May 1995

Made by: Scramble


AR-115               RF-35                Museum Billund 
E-611                F-16A                Esk 727 
H-244                H500M                Haer Fl 
O-622                SAI KZ V.II          preserved 
P-275                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
R-846                CF-104               Museum Billund 
T-413                T-17                 FLSK 
Y-654                PA-18-95             preserved 
XX280                Hawk T1A             no mks 
ZF513                Tucano T1            1 FTS 
81-0980/SP           A-10A                81st FS 
81-0991/SP           A-10A                81st FS 
OY-ALD               Chipmunk T20         'P-147' 
OY-FIX               EoN Olympia I 

E-192                F-16A                nn 
E-193                F-16A                nn 
E-...                F-16A                nn 
H-202                H500M                Haer Fl 
P-090                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
P-234                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
P-287                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
P-288                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
P-319                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
P-369                AS550-C2             Haer Fl 
S-191                Lynx Mk90            Sov 
T-401                T-17                 FLSK 
T-402                T-17                 FLSK 
T-426                T-17                 FLSK 
T-429                T-17                 FLSK 
U-276                S61A-1               Esk 722 
U-278                S61A-1               Esk 722 
OY-ATL               Chipmunk T20 

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