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Amberieu 2006

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Date: 24/25 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Piet Glas


368 "356/33-TE"		Mirage 3RD	pres, ER04.033 mks
136/12-YH	        S Mystere B2	pres, EC01.012 mks
51-14688	        T-6G		pres, no mks              

Static (between buildings/hangars):
ST48			SF260D	5sm                       
ZD327/08A	        Harrier GR7A	800sq             
ZD329/10	        Harrier GR7	800sq             
ZA446/AF	        Tornado GR4	9sq               
ZD740/BG	        Tornado GR4	14sq              
504/30-ST	        Mirage F1B	EC01.030          
3/2-EC		        Mirage 2000	pres, BCRE        
358/4-BQ	        Mirage 2000N	EC02.004          
526/12-YP	        Mirage 2000B	EC01.012          
686/3-JH	        Mirage 2000D	EC02.003          
(01?)		        Rafale A	Dassault white c/s

Static/Flying (on the grass, in front of public):
50+44			C-160D		LTG61
T-319			AS332M-1	SwissAF/nmks
1467/JCZ		AS350BA		Gendarmerie 
508/UB		        D140R	        CMP22.535   
2461/(330)-SA	        EC725	        EC05.330    
4183/BLF	        SA342M	        EHM         
90/F-SEXG/0	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315  
102/F-SEXS/2	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315  
104/F-SEXU/3	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315  
141/F-SEZF/4	        TB-30	        EPAA00.315  
F-AZCI "33038/AC167"	UC-61K	        ex RAF KK380
F-AZHL			MS315		ex France 350
F-AZHR "517749"		T-28A		ex France 135
F-AZKM			OV-10B		ex Germany 99+24
F-AZOA			Bulldog T1	ex RAF XX688
F-AZSB "411622/G4-C"	P-51D		ex Canada 9592
F-AZVG			MD312		ex France 189
F-AZYS "133704"		F4U-5NL		ex Bu124541
F-BDHC			SV4A		FAF c/s
F-GGCN			MH1521M		ex France 6
F-GHIH			J-3C-65		nn
HB-RCF "1"		MS412/D-3801	ex Swiss J-143
SP-TWL			An-2P		no titles	1G181-54

MT26, MT48		CM170		11sm
E29/314-TM		Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E113/314-TD		Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
R12/61-MG, R99/61-ZQ	C-160R		ET00.061
16/5-OX, 17/5-OZ	Mirage 2000C	EC02.005

The Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets:
E130/F-TERP/1	E162/F-TERJ/2	E75/F-TERW/3
E158/F-TERF/4	E94 /F-TERH/5	E134/F-TERM/6
E.../F-TERI/7	E31?/F-TERK/8	E.../F-TERA/9

And the Extra 300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons:

450/B450		CentrairC101A	SAVV22.535
512/DA			D140R		CMP22.535
1x			Ecureuil	EH67?

117/XN			TBM-700		ET00.041

Flying only:
ES-YLC, ES-YLP		L-39C		Breitling Team
ES-YLS, ES-YLX +2	L-39C		Breitling Team
1x			F-16		BAF
.../5-NE, .../5-NQ	Mirage 2000	FAF
2x			Mirage 2000	FAF
1x			E-3		nn

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