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Bordeaux 1977

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Date: 25 September 1977

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

328-EL 203  		N2501
DG 247, DF 245  	Mirage 3B
214  			Mirage F1C
Cc 56  			Mirage 4A
61-ZE 87  		C160F
43-BC 45, BD 36  	MS760
92-AM 620, AF 610 	Vautour
43-BP 256  		MH1521
F-WRQV 544  		Myst20
WA 16759, WP 53091  	T33A
F-ZBBK 			Bo28  		Prot Civ
F-ZBBX  12532  		MS893  		Prot Civ

DG, DD, DE, DQ, DL, DB  Mirage 3B  	CIFAS328
92-AR 631, 92-AH 612	Vautour 2B  	EB92
92-AK 615, 92-AT 633	Vautour 2B  	EB92
92-AW 636  		Vautour 2B  	EB92
AI 83  			N262D  		ET65
328-EE 135  		N2501
118-AN 22  		Mirage F1C  	CEAM
CH  			Mirage 4A
67-IC 2111  		Alouette 3
328-EC 104  		N2501

Other a/c  on the field:
10-KH 104  		CM170R  	(engines burnt out)

126877  		A-1D Skyraider
118-DE 148  		MD312
AQ  			N262
L601 503, L602 505  	CM170R  	Lebanese AF

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