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Bretigny 1984

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Date: 9 September 1984

Made by: Herbert Dederichs


337			Vatour IIN	CEV	spec mks
348,358			Vatour IIN	CEV
6/MA, 7/MB, 8/MC 	Nord 260	CEV
528/PC, 503/PG, 556/PK	HR.100		CEV
747/BM			Meteor NF.14	CEV
79/CT, 131/CD		Falcon 20	CEV
185/AU			Ce310		CEV
0248/AB			Ce411		CEV
444/DK			Ce43		CEV
02			Mirage IIIR	CEV
235			Mirage IIIB	CEV
113/NI			MS.760		CEV
ATL.2-01		Atlantique NG	CEV	ex Atlantic No.42
46			Super Etendard	14F
E98/314-UX		Alphajet	GE314
5291/118-IN		AS355F		CEAM
400/118-DK		CM170R		CEAM
E7/7-PI			Jaguar E	EC7

Flying :
1101/AR, 1265/- 	Alouette III	EPNER
1707/AV			Alouette III	EPNER
F98/61-ZP		C-160F		ET61
520			D140R		CEV
A145			Jaguar A	CEV
NF.11-1/BH		Meteor NF11	CEV
68/NB			MS760		CEV
18/CR			N2501F		CEV
55/MH,67/MI, 58/MJ	Nord 262	ENSA
3548/BSB		SA342M		GAM/STAT
304			Vautour IIN	CEV

Hangar 1:
E44, E46		Alphajet	CEV
04			Mirage F1C	CEV
92/118-DA		MS760		CEV
1024/F-ZLAX		SA330B		CEV

Hangar 2:
4561			Mirage F1EQ	Iraqi AF
1x			Mirage IVA	silver c/s

Maintenance hangar:
046/AV, 187/BJ, 188/BK	Ce310		CEV
457/LN			Ce43		CEV
530/?, 525/PF		HR.100		CEV
1595			SA330B		CEV

90			Dewoitine 520	CEV	code 2
23/F-BJAA		Nord 1101	Taiwan AF c/s
654/4/F-BJEF		MS505

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