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Cambrai 1994

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Date: 7 May 1994

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 30 April 2001

MM6848/53-04          F-104S-ASA   	21øGr    shelter
9/12-ZQ               Mirage F1C   	EC3/12
99/12-YP, 117/12-YD   Mirage 2000C 	EC1/12

AT01, AT14            Alpha Jet    	9w               
FA58, FA66, FA80      F-16A             31sm             
FA82, FA92            F-16A             31sm             
FA107                 F-16A             1sm              
4365, 4386            Tornado           AG51             
4635                  Tornado ECR       JBG32   tiger c/s
4636, 4640, 4644      Tornado ECR       JBG32            
XX203/PC +1	      Hawk T1           4FTS
XX323/TD  	      Hawk T1A          4FTS             
XX235, XX244          Hawk T1           4FTS    black c/s
XX189/TB, XX226       Hawk T1A          74sq             
XX350/TC              Hawk T1A          74sq             
ZG819/270-N           SeaKing HAS6      814sq            
MM6816/53-14          F-104S-ASA        21øGr            
MM6878/53-10          F-104S-ASA        21øGr  
MM62153/46-99         G222TCM      	98øGr
J-235                 F-16A             313sq            
J-261                 F-16A             313sq            
132                   F-5A              336Skv           
595                   F-5B              336Skv           
15212, 15224, 15234   Alpha Jet         Esq301           
C.14-15/14-15         Mirage F1CE       Ala14            
C.14-36/14-36         Mirage F1CE       Ala14            
C.14-57/14-57         Mirage F1CE       Ala14            
CE.14-31/14-77        Mirage F1BE       Ala14            
91-0017               F-16C             192Filo          
91-0024               F-16D             192Filo          
12, 45                S Etendard        11F              
E35/314-LD            Alpha Jet E       GE314            
E129/314-TO           Alpha Jet E       GE314            
512/312-AD            CM170             GI312            
730/CA                DHC-6             MFO              
E11/7-PE, E15/7-PF    Jaguar E          EC2/7            
E25/7-PK              Jaguar E     	EC2/7
516/2-FM              Mirage 2000B      EC2/2            
521/330-AA            Mirage 2000B      EC5/330          
525/12-KN             Mirage 2000B      EC2/12           
80/330-AS             Mirage 2000RDI    EC5/330          
91/12-YO, 105/12-YL   Mirage 2000RDI    EC1/12           
111/12-KI             Mirage 2000RDI    EC2/12           
50/12-YA              Mirage F1C        EC1/12  tiger c/s
10/12-ZD, 30/12-ZO    Mirage F1C        EC3/12           
275/12-ZK             Mir F1C-200       EC3/12           
2088/JCR              AS350B       	Gendarmerie
5468/67-VX            AS555AN      	EH67

Fouga hangar:
220/12-XN             CM170        	SALE12
411/11-OE             CM170        	SALE11
1/330-DA              MS760        	EET6/330

EC3/12 hangar:
32/12-ZF              Mirage F1C   	EC3/12
70/12-ZB              Mirage F1C   	EC3/12
236/12-ZE             Mirage F1C   	EC3/12

Shelter aera:
497/312-TN            CM170        	GI312
539/312-TD            CM170        	GI312
109/12-YI             Mirage 2000C 	EC1/12

Hangar near carpark:
107/12-YR	      Mirage 2000C	EC1/12
79/5-NF		      Mirage 2000C	EC5
214/12-ZJ	      Mirage F1C	EC3/12
E41/314-LC	      Alpha Jet E	GE314
E49/314-LP	      Alpha Jet E	GE314

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