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Cazaux 2009

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Date: 6/7 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


Static (west ramps):
AT22  			Alpha Jet B+  		11sm
ST06  			SF260M+  		5sm
E141/8-NF  		Alpha Jet E  		ETO02.008
2013/BHC  		Tigre HAP  		5RHC
2461/SA  		EC725R2  		EH01.067
320/4-CD  		Mirage 2000N 		EC03.004
304/118-EB  		Rafale B  		ECE05.330
1370/AL  		SA330Ba  		(EH06.067)
83/315-WZ  		TB30  			EPAA00.315
46+51  			Tornado ECR 	 	JBG32
46+47  			Tornado ECR  		JBG32
CMX817  		M346  			Aermacchi 
MM55059/61-26  		MB339A  		213°gr
MM55088/61-160  	MB339CD  		212°gr
J-014  			F-16AM  		313sq
J-641  			F-16AM  		311sq
4707  			L-39ZAM  		1SLK
ZH839/83  		Merlin HM1  		824sq
ZD263/306  		Lynx HAS3S  		815sq
ZA406/015  		Tornado GR4  		14sq (2sq marks)
XX313/313  		Hawk T1W  		19(R)sq
F-GDNN  		TB-20  			SEFA
F-GUKI  		G120A-F  		E-CATS
RA-3514K  		L-39C  			marked as 134

Hangar (open, west ramps):
605/ED  		Mirage 3E  		preserved, cockpit
F-BBON  		SV-4C  			ex 322

Hangar (closed, west ramps):
E29/8-NB   		Alpha Jet E  		ETO02.008 
E35/8-MA, E48/8-MH  	Alpha Jet E  		ETO01.008 
E97/8-MB  		Alpha Jet E  		ETO01.008

Static (north ramps):
909  			TA-4SU  		150sq
957  			A-4SU  			150sq
104/CW  		Falcon 20C  		CEV
260  			Mirage F1CT  		RC01.030  spec c/s
517/112-SC  		Mirage F1B  		RC01.030
118/103-YG  		Mirage 2000C  		EC01.012
504  			Mirage 2000B  		CEV
676  			Mirage 2000D  		CEV
685/133-XZ  		Mirage 2000D  		EC03.003
X7  			Mirage 2000C  		CEV
579/AI  		PC-7  			EPNER
1240/AT  		SA330L  		CEV
12  			Rafale M  		CEPA (12F marks)
1809/JCJ  		AS350BA  		nb

Hangar (closed, north ramps):
904, 905, 907  		TA-4SU  		150sq
938, 993  		A-4SU  			150sq
This hangar was opened a few times during the day.

Hangar (closed, north ramps):
115/103-YM  		Mirage 2000C  		EC01.012
316/4-AU  		Mirage 2000N            EC01.004
526/115-YP 		Mirage 2000B            EC02.005
609/3-IF  		Mirage 2000D            EC01.003
650/133-IA  		Mirage 2000D            EC01.003
666/133-IQ  		Mirage 2000D            EC01.003
The  Mirage  2000D  was  also  reported  with  code  118-IA,  if 
anyone has any additional information, please let us know.

Hangar (open, north ramps):
466/312-JK, 487/312-UF  EMB312F  		EPNAA05.312
HB-RCF  		D3801J  		ex Swiss, AdlA c/s

Hangar (closed, north ramps):
AT01, AT14  		Alpha Jet B+  		11sm
E4, E8, E102,   	Alpha Jet E  		CEV
301  			Mirage 2000N  		CEV
644  			Mirage 2000D  		CEV

Hangar (closed, north ramps):
96/CB +1  		Falcon 20C  		CEV 
64  			Mirage 2000-5F 		CEV

Hangar (closed, north ramps):
AT06, AT29, AT31, AT33  Alpha Jet B+  		11sm
E79/8-NA  		Alpha Jet E  		ETO02.008
E127/2-FK, E140/2-FA  	Alpha Jet E             EE05.002 
E154/120-AL  		Alpha Jet E             ETO01.008
E167/8-MN  		Alpha Jet E             ETO02.008

Flightlines (west ramps):
E51/314-AD, E53/314-LI  Alpha Jet E  		EAC00.314
R159/61-ZY  		C-160R  		ET00.061
308/113-HA, 336/113-IK  Rafale B  		EC01.091

Patrouille de France/ EPAA20.300, Alpha Jet E:
E122/F-TERD/1, E134/F-TERM/2, E163/F-TERB/3
E135/F-TERX/4, E95/F-TERQ/5,  E114/F-TERR/6
E94/F-TERH/7,  E117/F-TERI/8, E165/F-TERE/9
E158/F-TERF/0, E130/F-TERP/-

Flightlines (north side ramps):
FA116  			F-16AM  		10w
FA134  			F-16AM  		10w  #
05/F-TGCJ  		EA330SC  		EVAA 
R210/64-GJ  		C-160R  		ET01.064
188/CX  		Falcon 20C  		CEV
252/CA  		Falcon 20E  		CEV
305/4-CS  		Mirage 2000N  		EC03.004
340/4-AA  		Mirage 2000N            EC01.004
349/4-BM  		Mirage 2000N            EC02.004
505/115-OY, 512/115-OU  Mirage 2000B            EC02.005
522/115-OV  		Mirage 2000B            EC02.005
5/115-OT  		Mirage 2000C            EC02.005
578/AH  		PC-7  			EPNER
1130/BRS  		SA330Ba  		5RHC
J-003  			F-16A  			311sq   
J-013                   F-16A                   312sq   
J-015                   F-16A                   311sq  #
J-016                   F-16A                   312sq   
J-5009, J-5014  	FA-18C  		nb
906  			TA-4SU  		150sq
927, 942  		A-4SU  			150sq
2421  			L-410UVP-E  		SDoLt
F-ZBFX/34  		CL415  			SecCiv
F-ZBCZ/T23  		S-2 Firecat  		SecCiv
F-AZJT  		N3202  			ex 71      
F-AZSH  		N2S-5                   as 8726/632
F-AZVV  		N1101                   ex 15      

Patroulle 782Esc/EC120B:
HE.25-5/78-24,  HE.25-8/78-27,  HE.25-9/78-28
HE.25-12/78-31, HE.25-13/78-32, HE.25-15/78-34

Team Breitling L-39C:
ES-YLX/1,  ES-YLS/2,  ES-TLG/3,  ES-YLI/4,  ES-TLF/5,

Other Flightlines (west side, not visible from static):
AT19  			Alpha Jet B+  		11sm
AT21  			Alpha Jet B+  		11sm
(TCSG-551)  		CN235M-100  		F-ZWMP
E108/120-AF, E144/8-AK  Alpha Jet E  		ETO01.008
E155/8-NP  		Alpha Jet E  		ETO02.008
The CN235 was in the Dassault area and is a Turkish Coast 
Guard aircraft.

Dump far side:
045/AV  		Ce310L  		dumped
185/AU  		Ce310N  		dumped

EH01.067 area:
5536/WK  		AS555AN  		EH05.067
2555/SF +1  		EC725R2  		EH01.067
SA154/68-DI  		H-34A  			preserved
1952/JCM  		AS350BA  		nb

Fire Training area:
28  			N2501F  		instructional
118/NQ  		MS760  			instructional
(A3)  			Jaguar A  		instructional
A128  			Jaguar A                instructional
203  			MD312  			instructional
209/DC  		Mirage 3B  		instructional
309/33-CV  		Mirage 3R               instructional
462/13-QD  		Mirage 3E               instructional
44/BQ  			Mirage 4A               instructional
Also here was the tail section of Mirage 3C 32.

249/13-FE  		Mirage 3B  		preserved 
335  			Mirage 3R               stored   
04  			Mirage F1               preserved
23/AV  			Mirage 4P               preserved
120/8-ME/8-NE  		Mystère 4A  		preserved
100/NG  		MS760  			preserved
# = Demo Colours

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