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Cognac-Chateaubernard 2008

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Date: 1 June 2008

Made by: Scramble


AT32 			Alpha Jet 1B+ 	11sm
ST45 			SF260D 		5sm
E-180 			F-16AM 		nn
ET-199 			F-16BM 		nn
T-410, T-419, T-428 	T-17 		FLSK
XX184/19 		Hawk T1 	19(R)sq spec mks
ZA596/062 		Tornado GR4 	14sq
ZJ919/DC 		Typhoon F2 	11sq
ZJ922/QO-C 		Typhoon F2 	3sq
84-0085 		C-21A 		76th AS
84-0010/LN, 86-0159/LN 	F-15C 		493rd FS
E69/314-TO 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314 spec
E25/F-TETJ 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314 spec
E87/314-LC 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
096/YN 			EMB121AA 	EAT00.319
607/33-ND 		Mirage F1CR 	ER02.033
362/4-CU 		Mirage 2000N 	EC03.004
675/3-JI 		Mirage 2000D 	EC02.003
307/7-IA 		Rafale B 	EC01.007
79/315-WV, 108/315-XY 	TB-30 		EPAA00.315
5 			ATL2 		21F
148 			SA321G 		32F
F-AZXU 			MS733 		ex France 141

79/315-WV, 152/315-ZO 	TB-30 		EPAA00.315
384/301 		CM170 		std
605 			Mirage 3E 	cockpit only
A130 			Jaguar A 	cockpit only

A-925, A-926, A-927 	PC-7 		Pilotenrekrutesch.
A-928, A-929, A-932 	PC-7 		Pilotenrekrutesch.
A-933, A-935, A-939 	PC-7 		Pilotenrekrutesch.
FA101 			F-16AM 		2w
FA131 			F-16AM 		2w spec mks
E110/314-TO 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314 spec
R51/61-MW 		C-160R 		ET00.061
111/62-II 		CN235M-200 	ET01.062
512/5-OU, 518/5-OM 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
519/5-OW, 520/5-OS 	Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
529/5-OC 		Mirage 2000B 	EC02.005
320/4-CD, 327/4-CJ 	Mirage 2000N 	EC03.004
373/4-CF 		Mirage 2000N 	EC03.004
1321/AH, 1383/67-AN 	SA330B 		EH01.067
65/315-WH, 73/315-WP 	TB-30 		EPAA00.315
89/315-XF, 92/315-XI 	TB-30           EPAA00.315
95/315-XL 		TB-30           EPAA00.315
33/XA 			TBM-700A 	ETM02.040
458/312-JC, 463/312-JH 	EMB312F 	EPNAA05.312
1353/BDG 		SA341F 		EAALAT
F-AZDR 			MD312 		ex France 160
F-GGKL 			MH1521 		ex France 255/5-NL

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E95/F-TERQ/1,   E135/F-TERX/2,   E31/F-TERK/3,
E122/F-TERD/4,  E94/F-TERH/5,    E162/F-TERJ/6,
E163/F-TERB/7,  E130/F-TERP/8,   E41/F-TERA/9,

TB-30s of Cartouche Dorée / EPAA00.315:
90/F-SEXG/0,   102/F-SEXS/2,   104/F-SEXU/3,   141/F-SEZF/4

Flying only:
86-0140/DY 		B-1B 		9th BS
474/93-CE 		C-135FR 	GRV00.093
204/36-CD 		E-3F 		EDCA00.036

Storage compound behind hangars:
17, 19/315-UR, 37, 42 	TB-30 		stored
52/315-VX, 75 		TB-30           stored
83/315-WZ, 86, 107 	TB-30           stored
114/315-YE, 119, 124 	TB-30           stored
128/315-YS, 135/315-YZ 	TB-30           stored
137 			TB-30           stored
All the above TB-30s are stored dismantled with the wings
alongside the fuselage. The aircraft with serials underlined were
also without tails.

Preserved around base:
198 			CM170 		behind HQ building
324                     CM170           pole mounted      
376                     CM170           admin area        
(20) 			TB-30           inside foyer of HQ
24/315-UW 		TB-30           gate              
The TB-30 inside the HQ building is mounted on the wall with
the rear fuselage removed just aft of the roundel. Unfortunately,
it was not possible to get access to read the nose plate but it
was told it was number 20.

404 			Mirage 3E 	upside down far side
516 			Mirage 3E 	far side
- 			TB-30 		behind fire station
The TB-30 was just a stripped fuselage.

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