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Colmar-Meyenheim 1989

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Date: 21 May 1989

Made by: Rob de Bie, Jan Hendriksen

Updated: 23 March 2007

F88/61-ZF	C 160F		ET61,FAF
F203/64-GC	C 160F		ET64,FAF
J-4021		Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
J-4022	        Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
J-4026	        Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
J-4027	        Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
J-4028	        Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
J-4029	        Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
J-4023	        Hunter F58	Patr. de Suisse,SwAF
46/13-SJ	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
36/13-PN	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
56/13-PO	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
188770		CF-18A		1CAG,CF
188768		CF-18A		421sqn/1CAG,CF
513/2-FJ	Mirage 2000B	EC2/2,FAF
651/33-NB	Mirage F1CR	ER2/33,FAF
ZD323/C		Harrier GR5	233OCU
ZD346/E		Harrier GR5	233OCU
AT29		Alpha Jet E	9W,BAF*
115/339-WL	Da 20SNA	EIPR339,FAF*
1594/CWQ	SA 341		1RHC,FAr
136231		CH-136		444sqn,CF        
136227	        CH-136		444sqn,CF        
04/CD	        CAP 230		GI312,FAF
206/XM	        D 140E		GI312,FAF        
11/13-PH	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
418/13-QQ	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF
XX246		Hawk T1A	63sqn/2TWU,RAF
XX196		Hawk T1A	RAF
ZD718/BH	Tornado GR1	14sqn,RAFG
326/4-AM	Mirage 2000N	EC1/4,FAF
A142/11-RQ	Jaguar A	EC3/11,FAF
XZ357/K		Jaguar GR1A	41sqn,RAF
79-058/BT	F-15C		525TFS/36TFW,USAFE
XV575/BO	Phantom FGR2	111sqn,RAF
XV569/BQ	Phantom FGR2	111sqn,RAF
207/30-SN	Mirage F1C-200	EC3/30,FAF
226/13-TH	CM 170		SALE/EC13,FAF

2/13-SC		Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
51/13-PJ	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
245		Mirage IIIB-RV	EC13,FAF	rwb c/s

462/13-QD	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF	in front of hangar
39/13-PF	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF	in front of hangar
401/13-QH	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF	in hangar
44/13-SB	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF	in hangar
34/13-SR	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF	in hangar
529/3-JI	Mirage IIIE	EC2/3,FAF	behind net
7/13-PE		Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF	behind net
33/13-SK	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF	behind net
../13-SH	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF	behind net (fuselage only)

Hangar (closed):
9/13-SH		Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
434/13-QA	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF
.../13-QB	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF	no tail

On grass:
2090/67-FA	Alouette III	EH2/67,FAF
2343/67-FH	Alouette III	EH2/67,FAF

13/13-EC	Mirage IIIC	ex EC10?

EC3/13 shelter area:
13/13-SE	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
41/13-SD	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF

EC1/13 shelter area:
205/13-FC	Mirage IIIB	EC1/13,FAF
244/13-FJ	Mirage IIIB-RV	EC1/13,FAF
249/13-FE	Mirage IIIB-RV	EC1/13,FAF
403/13-QE	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF
405/13-QP	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF
433/13-QO	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF

Fire dump:
602/B		Vautour	2B      

274/13-ZB	Mirage IIIBE	EC1/13,FAF
268/13-ZL	Mirage IIIBE	EC1/13,FAF
426/13-QG	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF
404/13-QN	Mirage IIIE	EC1/13,FAF
32/13-PL	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
14/13-PP	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
38/13-PR	Mirage 5F	EC2/13,FAF
57/13-SF	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
49/13-SL	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
58/13-SM	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
47/13-SN	Mirage 5F	EC3/13,FAF
651/33-NB	Mirage F1CR	ER2/33,FAF
A12/11-RA	Jaguar A	EC3/11,FAF
F203/65-GC	C 160F		ET64,FAF	

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