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Dax 2000

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Date: 20 May 2000

Made by: Scramble, Jan-Pieter Bergmans


7213			UH-1D		HFWS      
8437		        CH-53G		HFWS      
8810		        Bo-105P		HFWS      
HA15-84/ET-329	        Bo-105		BHELMA III
HU10-23/ET-260	        UH-1H		BHELMA II 
09218		        Hkp9A		AF1       
ZJ274		        Squirrel HT1	DHFS      
96-26680	        UH-60L		D-158Avn  
5520/67-WE	        AS355N		EH03.067  
2293/BJK	        AS532UL		5RHC      
5529/AYF	        AS555UN		EAALAT    
889/MCC		        PC-6B2/H2	ERGM      
1369/BOV	        SA341F		5RHC      
3861/BPR		SA342M		5RHC
4223/BQO		SA342L1		5RHC
105/4			TB30		EPAA00.315
269			Lynx HAS2(FN)	31F
505			AS565MA		36F

Hangar 5:
1311/BDA		SA341F		EAALAT

1117/BFB		SA341F		EAALAT
1131/BDG		SA341F		EAALAT

Other side/outside:
8028			Bo105M		HFWS
ZJ272, ZJ275		Squirrel HT1	DHFS
XZ591			Sea King HAR3	203(R)sqn
1770/BBA		Alouette II	EAALAT
5427/341-VJ		AS355N		CIEH00.341
1087/BRF		SA330B		5RHC
1175/BGD, 1266/BGH	SA341F		EAALAT
1540/BDF		SA341F		EAALAT
92/1, 100/2, 117/3	TB30		EPAA00.315 

Other side/hangar 18:
1055/BCD, 1069/BFE	SA341F		EAALAT
1270/BDM, 1597/BDH	SA341F		EAALAT

Other side/hangar 20:
1105/BQU		SA341F		5RHC
3529/BLB		SA342M		5RHC

Other side/hangar:
One of the maintenance hangaars of the local museum were used 
by the EAALAT during the show. The following SA341Fs could be 
found inside this hangar:
1037/BFG, 1101/BCF, 1147/BDB, 1151/BGN, 1180/BDJ, 1198/BFI
1211/BCH, 1229/BFJ, 1282/BFF, 1300/BCG, 1316/BGF, 1326/BFH
1337/BFN, 1338/BDD, 1355/BGE, 1373/BGJ, 1384/BGA, 1387/BGC
1388/BDK, 1415/BDN, 1419/BFA, 1430/BGI, 1452/BDE, 1462/BFL
1482/BCC, 1501/BGB, 1558/BDC, 1580/BDL, 1619/BCA, 1694/BGL
1703/BFC, 1707/BGG

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