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Dax 2008

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Date: 8 June 2008

Made by: Scramble


3370 			Mi-35 		231.vrl   
9844 		        Mi-171Sh 	232.vrl
87+59 		        Bo105P dem 	HFWS 
263 		        LynxHAS2(FN) 	nmk
309 		        SA319B 		22S      
519 		        AS565SA 	36F     
1128/BRX 	        SA330B 		5RHC     
4168/BPQ 	        SA342M 		5RHC     
3857/BGP 	        SA342M 		EAALAT   
2013/BHC 	        Tigre HAP 	5RHC  
F-AZXU 		        MS733 		ex 141/VG 
F-BOUE                  L18C 		ex 51-15470
F-GGCN                  MH1521M 	ex 6/YE 
F-PGCD                  NC856A 		ex 33    
F-ZBGH                  EC135T2+ 	Douanes

H22 			A109BA 		17sq MRH
5390/UZ 		AS555AN 	EH05.067
19 			SA365N 		nmk
2633/BJQ 		EC725AP 	DAOS       
1691/JCF                AS350BA 	Gendarmerie
F-AZJQ 			Chipmunk T10 	ex RAF WP967
F-AZSH                  N2S-5 		as USN 8726/632    
F-GDPF                  L-19A 		ex 51-4754         
F-GGKL                  MH1521M 	ex 255/5-ML      
F-ZBPF                  EC145 		Sécurité Civile    

Hangars open to public:
001/AE 			SE3160 		pres
1133/BGN 		SA341F 		EAALAT
55-1086/AVW 		H-19D 		pres
FR69/AAD 		H-21C 		pres
F-ZBEJ 			AS355F1 	pres

Pleasure Flight area:
1565/BCH 		SA341F 		EAALAT

Flightline (far side):
1x 			Bo105 		HEER
514/DO 			D140R 		CMP25.535
888/MCB 		PC-6/B2-H4 	ECTM
2010/BHA 		Tigre HAP 	5RHC

Hangar (not open for public):
1129/BDB, 1672/BGE 	SA341F 		EAALAT
1690/BDE 		SA341F          EAALAT
3615/BCS, 3851/BFR 	SA342M          EAALAT
4038/BCN, 4103/BCO 	SA342M          EAALAT

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