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Dijon 1992

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Date: 27/28 June 1992

Made by: Ben Uffen


FA-38           F16A            350sm
FA-55           F16A            349sm
FA-130  	F16A            2sm
AT-154  	TF35            Esk725
AT-157  	TF35            Esk725
38+10           F4F             JG71
43+15/G-31      Tornado         TTTE
43+40           Tornado         JBG34
J-654           F16B            311Sqn
2507            An26            1SMDLP
5015            L39ZA           nn
0001/367        L59             nn
9207            MiG29           11SLP
9308            MiG29           11SLP
1407            Tu134A          3DLP
XX249           Hawk T1         4FTS
ZD578/715       Sea Harrier FRS1899Sqn
ZF320           Tucano T1       nn
XZ719/XB-376    Lynx HAS3       RN
ZD625/ZZ        Sea King HC4    707Sqn
79-0012/BT      F15D            22FS
84-0022/BT      F15C            "22FS"
138310/N393W    T28B    	ex VT-6
J-4020  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4021  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4023  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4026  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4029 	 	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4031  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4032  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
E52/314-TX      Alpha Jet       GE314
E86/314-TJ      Alpha Jet       GE314
F214/64-GN      C160NG  	ET64
2218/JCW        AS350B          Gend.Nat.
5391/67-VA      AS355N  	EH67
03/VB           CAP10           GI312
02/CB           CAP231  	GI312
208/2-HB        CM170           EC2
230/2-HA        CM170           EC2
434/2-HC        CM170           EC2
A120/11-MR      Jaguar A        EC2/11
A140/11-EN      Jaguar A        EC1/11
A144/11-RW      Jaguar A        EC3/11
A160/11-RT      Jaguar A        EC3/11
39/12-KI        Mirage F1C      EC3/12
256/12-KA       Mirage F1C-200  EC3/12
282/12-KG       Mirage F1C-200  EC3/12
610/33-CH       Mirage F1CR     ER1/33
30/2-EK 	Mirage IIIC     Preserved
438/13-QI       Mirage IIIE     EC1/13
48/13-PD        Mirage 5F       EC2/13
13/AL           Mirage IVP      nn
10/13-PB        Mirage 5F       EC2/13
51/13-PC        Mirage 5F       EC2/13
5/2-LH  	Mirage 2000C    EC3/2
8/2-EC  	Mirage 2000C    EC1/2
12/2-EH         Mirage 2000C    EC1/2
14/2-EO         Mirage 2000C    EC1/2
16/2-EL         Mirage 2000C    EC1/2
21/2-LF         Mirage 2000C    EC3/2
22/2-LG         Mirage 2000C    EC3/2
25/2-LK         Mirage 2000C    EC3/2
29/2-ED         Mirage 2000C    EC1/2
30/2-FN         Mirage 2000C    EC2/2
33/2-LQ         Mirage 2000C    EC3/2
34/2-LI 	Mirage 2000C    EC3/2
35/2-EE         Mirage 2000C    EC1/2
315/4-BG        Mirage 2000N    EC2/4
354/3-JC        Mirage 2000N    EC2/3
506/2-FC        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
509/2-FF        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
511/2-FH        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
513/2-FJ        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
514/2-FK        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
516/2-FM        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
290             Mystere IV      Gate
1156/BRI        SA330           5RHC
1215/BOV        SA341           5RHC
4042/BQI        SA342           5RHC
11              Super Etendard  nn
102/315-XS      TB30            GE315
121/315-YL      TB30            GE315

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