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Dinard 1988

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Date: 4 September 1988

Made by: Jason Ganner


AT29                	Alpha Jet
XT-MAJ            	N.262
80-0205            	A-10A
80-0234            	A-10A
2102                	Alouette III
2215                	Alouette III
E51, E53, E58, E155     Alpha Jet
E156,E170,E171,E172     Alpha Jet
E173			Alpha Jet
45                  	Atlantic
F12                 	C.160
F52                  	C.160
F157                	C.160  
F205                	C.160
03                    	CAP-10
04                    	CAP-230
1576/JCD        	Ecureil
078                	EMB-121
109                	Etendard IVP
120                	Etendard IVP
1153                	Gazelle
3929                	Gazelle
4161                	Gazelle
A27                	Jaguar
A80                	Jaguar
E12                	Jaguar
12                    	Mirage F1
254                  	Mirage F1
14                    	Mirage 2000
508                  	Mirage 2000  
200                   	M.S.733                 (F-BMQC)    
73                    	M.S.760
37                    	N.3202                  (F-WYAZ)
F-BKKL            	Rallye
F-BMGM        		Jodel
F-BOHT            	M.20  
F-BRRM                  Rallye
F-BSAH                  Rallye
F-BSBN                  Robin 
F-BTHC                  Rallye
F-BTJZ                  Rallye
F-BUET                  C.172 
F-BUHL                  Robin 
F-BVAC                  Rallye
F-BXSF                  Be.90 
F-BYAB                  F.27  
F-BYAG           	DHC-6
F-GAHK            	Robin   
F-GAKF                  Rallye  
F-GBOY                  PA-28   
F-GBRK                  PA-28   
F-GCLN                  FH.227  
F-GCLQ                  FH.227  
F-GCLX                  C.172   
F-GCPT                  FH.227  
F-GCPY                  FH.227  
F-GDFC                  F.28    
F-GDPX                  M.H.1521
F-GELR                  Be.100  
F-GETI                  Be.F90  
F-GFAH                  DHC-6   
F-GFVM                  Be.100  
F-GFYD                  Z.526   
F-GGDD          	A.S.350
F-GHGC            	C.340
F-PYEA            	MC-12
F-PYIJ             	MC-12
F-PYVA            	MC-15
F-PYXD            	P.180
F-PZTU            	MC-12
G-AXTO           	PA-28
G-BHTV            	C.310 
G-OBOH            	SD-360
G-PEET            	C.340
HB-HMA        		PC-7
HB-HMB         		PC-7
HB-HMC          	PC-7     
I-ALGM            	N.262
PH-JHG            	F.28

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