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Frejus-St Raphael 1983

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Date: 19 June 1983

Made by:


H-34A   	  14

FLAMANT   	  113/30-QY

ALOUETTE II       1041            20s
ALOUETTE II       1162            20s
ALOUETTE II       2113            20s
ALOUETTE III      2161            20s
ALOUETTE III      2268            20s
ALIZE             52              SES
ALIZE             65              4f
ALIZE             84              59s
ATLANTIC NG       01
ATLANTIC          4               
BELL 47G          CAN-6/040       DCAN
BELL 47G          CAN-7/56        DCAN
CAP 10B           107             SLV
CAP 10B           108             SLV
CAP 10B           109             SLV
CAP 10B           110             SLV
CAP 10B           111             SLV
CAP 10B           112             SLV
ENTENDARD IVM     11              59s
LYNX HAS2         260             20s
LYNX HAS2         272             20s
LYNX HAS2         803             20s
NAVAJO            927             3s
NORD 262CS        1               SES
NORD 1101         CAN-10/125      DCAN
NORATLAS N2504    01              SES
SUPER FRELON      104             20s
SUPER FRELON      106             20s
TRANSALL          F206/64-GF      ET-64
XINGU             71              SES
ZEPHYR            3               59s
ZEPHYR            21              59s

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