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Istres 1996

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Date: 16 June 1996

Made by: Scramble


AT25                  Alpha Jet    	9w       spec.c/s
AT26                  Alpha Jet         9w               
FA101                 F-16A             1sm              
FA106                 F-16A             2sm              
E5/8-NS               Alpha Jet E       ETO02.008        
E80                   Alpha Jet E       CEV/EPNER        
E134/8-MA             Alpha Jet E 	ETO01.008 spec.c/s
737/93-CI             C-135FR      	ERV01.093
F157/61-ZW            C-160F            ET00.061 
107/YV                EMB121AA          GE00.319 
460/312-JE            EMB312F           GI312    
22/CS                 Falcon 20C        CEV/EPNER
E15/7-PP, E23/7-PB    Jaguar E          EC02.007 
E37/7-PQ              Jaguar E          EC02.007 
76/33-FQ, 81/33-FT    Mirage F1C        EC03.033 
87/33-FR              Mirage F1C        EC03.033 
233/13-QG             Mirage F1CT       EC02.013 
624/33-NY, 630/33-NL  Mirage F1CR       ER02.033 
234 or 231?           Mirage 3B1  	CEV/EPNER spec.c/s 
13/AL                 Mirage 4P    	EB00.091
14/2-FO               Mirage 2000C      EC02.002
54/5-AR, 68/5-AI      Mirage 2000C      EC03.005
77                    Mirage 2000-5 	CEV/Dassault
519/2-FV              Mirage 2000B 	EC02.002   
306/4-CQ, 316/4-CH    Mirage 2000N      EC03.004   
30/4-WA               MS760             SAL09.116  
A01                   Rafale A          Dassault   
35                    S.Etendard        CEV/EPNER  
92/1, 100/2, 117/3    TB-30             EPE315     
116/315-YG            TB-30             EPE315     
3831, 3844            F-4F              JG72       
4427, 4485            Tornado           JBG33      
ZD714, ZD851/AJ       Tornado GR1       9sq        
85-0092/EL            B-1B              37th BS    
60-0016/LA            B-52H             20th BS    
84-0112               C-21A             76th AS    
91-0314/LN "494FS"    F-15E             494th FS   
88-0413/AV "510FS"    F-16C             510th FS   
88-0491/AV            F-16C             510th FS   
80-1092/BB            U-2R              9th SRW/OLF
155589/AG-503         A-6E              VA-34      
163407/AG-111         F-14B             VF-143     
164201/AG-401         F/A-18C           VFA-131    
.../1                 CM170        	preserved, PdF c/s
F-AZHP                Vatour 2N         '348'       
F-AZMO                CM175             '14'        
F-GJLT                MH1521M           '106'       
F-ZJTJ                Alpha Jet 2       CEV/Dassault
F-AZSM                Chipmunk T10      'WP914/E'   

1854/DN               Alouette 3   	Séc.Civile
E48/8-MO              Alpha Jet E       ETO01.008        
23516/93-CP           KC-135R           ERV01.093        
38033/93-CO           KC-135R           ERV01.093        
470/93-CA, 472/93-CC  C-135FR           ERV01.093        
474/93-CE, 738/93-CJ  C-135FR           ERV01.093        
F206/64-GF            C-160NG           ET00.064         
307/4-CC, 310/4-CE    Mirage 2000N      EC03.004         
312/4-CF, 326/4-CM    Mirage 2000N      EC03.004         
329/4-CN              Mirage 2000N      EC03.004         
81/AH                 N262D             ETE00.044        
1671/67-AZ            SA330B       	EH05.067
1021/F-ZLAU           SA330B       	CEV/EPNER
5559/67-WL            AS555AN      	EH05.067
2815/F-ZLAG           AS550U2      	CEV/EPNER
6111/GC, 6116/GD      SA365N       	CEV/EPNER
86-0093/EL            B-1B         	37th BS
62-3519, 63-8871      KC-135R      	319th ARW
63-8873               KC-135R      	319th ARW
code 0-9	      Alpha Jet E	Patrouille de France

Flying only:
202/36-CB             E-3F         	EDA00.036

203/FG                Mirage 3B    	store shelter area ERV01.093    
434/13-QK             Mirage 3E         dump      
147/CM                Mystère 2C        gate guard
621/92-AN             Vautour 2B        dump      

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