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Le Bourget 1977

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Date: 4/11 June 1977

Made by: R

Updated: 14 June 2005

Alouette II	1671	  JAV		   Gendarmerie
Alouette III    1101      AR               FAF
Alouette III	2053      67-IE		   EH.67 / French AF
Alouette III    	  F-ZBAW    	   Sec Civ
Alpha Jet       01                         FAF
Alpha Jet       4001      F-ZWRV           GAF c/s
Alphajet		  F-ZWRU           c/n 02??
AB206           MM80890   EI-622           AMI
A109AT          MM81013                    AMI
AB212           MM80943   7-11             AMI
AT-6            51-14522  MRK              ex FAF
A-10A           75-0293   DM               USAF 355 TFW
AH-1            76-22570                   US Army
BAC 167 Mk.80   1133      G-BESJ           Saudi-Arabean AF c/s
Br.1150         21                         FN
Breguet 941     4         62-ND            Museum storage          far side
Broussard	312       113-DF	   French AF
B-17            F-BGSP                     civil
Constellation   F-ZVMV                     Museum storage          far side
Con 990         N712NA                     NASA
C-47            92449     FA               FAF                     far side
C-47            721                        FN
C-118           543819    82-PV            ex FAF
C-130H		112			   Libyan AF (in a hangar)
C-160F		F160      61-ZZ		   French AF
C-160           F46       61-MR                                    far side
C-160           98        61-ZP            FAF
C-160           45        61-MQ            FAF
CH-47           MM80844   EI-822           AMI
DC-6            45226     82-PW            FAF                     far side
DC-6            43818     82-PU            FAF                     far side
DC-6            45107     82-PZ            FAF                     far side
DC-6            43834     64-PI            FAF                     far side
DC-6            44697     64-PJ            FAF                     far side
DC-6            45472     64-PK            FAF                     far side
DC-6            45473     64-PL            FAF                     far side
Da10            039                        FN
Da20            ....      F-WMKF           USCG
Dewoit 520      408                        Museum
Do-28D          5897                       GAF
Do-28A		F-ZBBF			   Securite Civile
E-2C            160415    GE-017           USN VAW-120
E-2C            160417                     USN VAW-121
E-3 Awacs       73-1675                    USAF
FW-190          07298                      Museum ex GAF
F-5F            73-0889                    USAF
F-15A           76-0008   BT               USAF 36 TFW
F-16A           72-1568                    USAF
F-18 (YF-17?)   72-1570                    USN c/s
G1159           TR-KHB                     Gabon AF
G1159           01                         USCG Washington
G222            MM62103                    AMI
G222            MM62105                    AMI
Hawk            XX158                      RAF
Harrier         XZ133     32               RAF 233OCU
Hercules        XV305                      RAF
He-162          0120223                    Museum ex GAF
Hurricane	LF363			   BoBMF/RAF
Jaguar A        A86       11-MG            FAF EC2/11
Jaguar A        A25       7-I.             FAF EC3/7
Jaguar          XZ388                      RAF
Jaguar		202	  G-BETB	   Omani AF
Jet Provost     XW429                      RAF

Kfir C2 779 4X-CFL Israelian AF Kfir C2 755 4X-CFK Israelian AF Lancaster PA474 KM-B BoBMF/RAF Lynx XZ235 RN Lynx XZ166 RN Lynx XZ173 AAC L-100 TR-KKB Gabon AF MB339 MM588 AMI MB339 MM589 I-NINE AMI Mirage F1 75 5-NK FAF EC1/5 Mirage F1CG ... Greek AF Mirage F1 26 5-NG FAF EC1/5 Mirage F1B 02 FAF Mirage 3E 624 4-BF FAF EC2/4 MS230 1048 Museum Mystere 20 5-9003 Iranian AF Mystere 20 167 FAF Mystere B2 011 12-ZW Museum N2501 50 64-BK far side N262 52 FN far side N262 46 FN far side N262 43 FN N262 62 FN N262 28 FN NH500 MM80965 AMI Noratlas 205 62-KS French AF PA-31 903 FN far side PA-31 925 FN far side Pembroke C.1 WV701 60 Sq Pucara A-507 Argentine AF Pucara AX-03 Argentine AF Puma 1150 ADF ALAT Puma 1189 ADH ALAT Puma .... ADB ALAT P-47 420371 Museum P-51D "466318" MO-C Museum USAF mks, really 44-63871 Saab Viggen 37909 Swedish AF F13/17 Saab Viggen 37101 Swedish AF F7 S Etendard 02 FN Sea King 8-2313 Iranian AF SA341 1518 BSC ALAT SE313 1671 JAV Gendarmenie SM1019 MM57257 EI-464 Italian Army Spitfire PS853 BoBMF/RAF Spitfire BS464 Museum / RAF Super Frelon 150 French Navy Tornado XZ630 RAF T-43 73-1149 USAF Yak-50 341 Russian AF c/n 770904 YC-15 72-1875 USAF YC-14 72-1874 USAF


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