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Le Bourget 1979

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Date: June 1979

Made by:

Updated: 8 October 2008

XZ208                 	Lynx AH1              AAC                
AX05                    IA58                  ArgAF              
TN-230                  N262A                 CongoAF            
001                     Br1150ANG-2           CEV FAF            
F54/61-MZ               C160F                 ET1/61 FAF         
F86/61/ZD               C160F                 ET3/61 FAF         
F155/61-ZU              C160F                 ET3/61 FAF         
F-ZBBD                  CL215                 Sec.Civile FAF 1029
F-ZBBH                  CL215                 Sec.civile FAF 1026
F-ZBDD                  CL215                 Sec.Civile FAF 1024
3                       CM170R                CEV FAF            
34/10-KJ                CM170R                SLVSV FAF          
NF11-1                  Meteor NF11           CEV FAF            
69/30-MD                Mirage F1C            EC1/30 FAF         
207/5-NP                Mirage F1C-200        EC1/5 FAF          
211/30-FR               Mirage F1C-200        EC2/30 FAF         
217/5-NL                Mirage F1C-200        EC1/5 FAF          
246                     Mirage F1C            CEV FAF            
01                      Mirage 50             CEV FAF            
01, 02, 03              Mirage 2000           CEV FAF            
01                      Mirage 4000           CEV FAF            
103/64-IB               N2501                 ET1/64 FAF         
133/62-KP               N2501                 ET2/64! FAF        
206/64-BA               N2501                 ET3/64 FAF         
A27/7-HG                Jaguar A              EC1/7 FAF          
A47                     Jaguar A              FAF                
E1, E14                 Alpha Jet E           FAF                
3/OH                    N262A                 CEV FAF            
53, 60, 61,72, 79       N262D                 FAF                
58/MJ                   N262A                 CEV FAF            
67                      N262A                 FAF                
F-ZBDC                 	SA316B                Sec.Civile FAF 1435
F-ZLAS                  SE3130                CEV FAF 01         
2020/67-IB              SE3160                ET3/67 FAF         
2097/67-ID              SE3130                ET3/67 FAF         
2102/67-IF              SE3130                ET3/67 FAF         
1066/ADD                SA330B                FAr                
1255/BSK                SA342M                FAr                
1518/BSC                SA342M                FAr                
F-WTNA                  SA342M                FAr 1515           
1335/ACN                SE3130                FAr                
1554/ACQ                SE3130                FAr                
1671/JAV              	SE3130                Gendarmerie FAr 
1306/UV                 SE3160                CEV FAr        
1678/JAK                SE3160                Gendarmerie FAr
1335/ACN                SE3130                FAr            
F-WZGD                  Da10MER               FN 43          
F-ZGTI                  Da10MER               FN 135         
44063                   DC6AC                 FN             
87                      MS760                 FN             
F-ZGT/01                N2504                 FN             
227                     Pa31                  FN             
102, 105                SA321G                FN             
15                      S.Etenduard           FN             
TR-KJA                  N262A                 GabonGvt       
5-9002                  Da20F                 IranAF         
EP-AGY                  Da20F                 IranGvt        
MM62116                 G222TCM               ItAF           
MM62120                 G222TCM               ItAF 4026      
MM54391/RS-25           MB326K                RSV ItAF       
MM54402/S-002           MB339A                RSV ItAF       
MM.....                 NH500MD               ItAF           
MM81014/EI-855          A109AT                ItAr           
YU-BKJ                 	Lj25B                 MacedonianGvt
VP977                   Devon C2              207sq RAF    
ZA230                   Harrier GR1           RAF          
XX280                   Hawk T1               RAF          
XX108                   Jaguar GR1            RAF          
XX747/17                Jaguar GR1            RAF          
XW322/I                 Jet Provost T5        RAF          
146                     Mirage F1CH           RMorocAF     
XZ691                   Lynx HAS2             RN           
XZ450                   Sea Harrier FRS1      RN           
37302/39                JA37                  RSwedAF      
84002/72                Tp84/C130H F7         RSwedAF      
79008/78                Tp79/C47A F7          RSwedAF      
D2-03/PH-FTL            F27MPA                SpN          
A-109                   PC7                   SwissAF      
77-0268/WR              A10A                  81TFW USAF   
73-22255                C12A                  USAr         
78-23128                C12C                  USAF         
63-7889                 C130E                 USAF         
71-1420                 F5E                   USAF         
77-0158/CR              F15B                  32TFS USAF   
78-0162/FB-01           F16B                  USAF/BAF     
68-10937                RF5E                  USAF         
98+33                   Alpha Jet A           WGAF A1      
F-ZWRV                  Alpha Jet A           WGAF E-03    
58+61                   Do28D2                WGAr         
98+03/81                Tornado               MFG1 WGN     
98+32                   Bo105M/PAH1           WGAr         
F-WZEN            	A300B2                Aerospatiale              79                       
G-BGNA           	Short SD330           Loganair             	SH3029              
N55SC              	Citation 550                          		550-55
G-HAWK        		BAe Hawk                           		41H/4020010
G-VTOL           	BAe Harrier                         		B3/41H/73595
C-GTYG          	DHC 6-300                           		625
C-GTLW          	DHC 5
C-GNBX          	DHC 7                                  		1
N108BN           	Boeing 707-138B       TAG International         18740                   
N23SA             	TriTurbo 3                            		4903
G-BCDZ          	BAe 748-2                            		1662
G-BGGS          	BAe 125-700B                      		257061
C-GCGS-X      		Challenger                            		1002
VH-CDV         		GAF Nomad                         		64
F-WTSS           	Concorde                             		001
PT-GMD          	Embraer 110                       		211
PP-ZDM          	Embraer 111                        		188
N58351           	Hughes 500                           		390340D 

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