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Le Luc 2007

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Date: 23/24 June 2007

Made by: Scramble


(#) = not visible from public area and/or not open to public
Main static:
A57 			SA318C 		Wing Heli
H30 			A109BA 		Wing Heli
73+74 			UH-1D 		nmks
74+06 			Tiger UHT 	D/F HFlgAubsZ
82+60 			EC135T1 	HFWS
84+49 			CH-53G 		HFWS
87+39 			Bo105P1 	KHR26
H2-31 			Bell 412SP 	15.HEB
HT.17-11/ET-411 	CH-47D 		BHELTRA V
2427/CZY 		AS532UL 	1RHC
5537/AYG, 5593/AYM 	AS555UN 	EAALAT
5602/AYO 		AS555UN 	EAALAT
2631/BJP 		EC725AP 	DAOS
1179/BNI 		SA341F 		stored
2011/ATF 		Tigre HAP 	EFA
139/ABS 		TBM-700B 	EAAT
9019/JBD 		EC145 		Gendarmerie
F-AZMC 			DHC-1-200 	ex Portugal 1321
F-AZTB 			MS505 		ex 602/23
F-AZVG 			MD312 		ex 189
F-AZVM 			N2501F 		ex 105/62-SI
F-GDPF 			O-1E 		ex 24705
F-GHIG 			SO1221S 	ex FR145
F-GSCB 			L-18 		as "184577"
F-ZBPA 			EC145 		Sécurité Civile 9006
- 			NH90 		NH Industries PT1

Pleasure flights:
5544/AYJ, 5608/AYQ 	AS555UN 	EAALAT
4118/AXN 		SA342M 		EAALAT

Flightline near to entrance:
5606/AYP 		AS555UN 	EAALAT
1229/AZA 		SA330B 		EAALAT
3851/AXS 		SA342M 		EAALAT
F-GRIG 			SE3130 		ex 1038/BBD

Main flightline:
74+05, 74+08 		Tiger UHT 	D/F HFlgAubsZ
82+52 			EC135T1 	HFWS
86+74 			Bo105P1 	nn
T-325 			AS332M-1 	nmks
XZ338/Y, XX403/U 	Gazelle AH1 	671sq
XX448/S, ZA726/F1 	Gazelle AH1 	671sq
XZ647/Z, XZ663/I 	Lynx AH7 	671sq
E67/314-TB 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
E101/314-TT 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
70/315-WM 		TB-30 		EPAA00.315 23only
132/315-YW 		TB-30 		EPAA00.315 23only
90/F-SEXG/0 		TB-30 		EPAA00.315 23only
101/F-SEXR/1 		TB-30 		EPAA00.315 23only
889/MCC 		PC-6/B2-H4 	ECTM
5496/AYC, 5539/AYH 	AS555UN 	EAALAT
1052/AZJ, 1236/AZK 	SA330B 		EAALAT
1239/AZI, 1662/AZG 	SA330B 		EAALAT
4214/AXC, 4222/AXD 	SA342L1 	EAALAT
4048/AXT, 4141/AXR 	SA342M 		EAALAT
4171/AXU 		SA342M 		EAALAT
115/ABQ 		TBM-700A 	EAAT
2004/ATE 		Tigre HAP 	EFA
2013/BHC 		Tigre HAP 	5RHC
F-AZDD 			MD312 		ex 216/319-DK        
F-AZEY                  N3202 		ex 20                
F-AZHJ                  Vampire FB6 	ex Swiss J-1159
F-AZHK                  AD-4NA 		ex Bu127002         
F-AZKM                  OV-10B 		ex Germany 99+24    
F-AZPY                  Yak-18A 	ex Egypt EAF-710   
F-AZQQ                  P3-05 		ex Swiss A-864       
F-AZYT                  AT-6C 		ex 41-32360          
F-BRPQ                  CeT337 		as O-2A "80995"     
The two Alpha Jets departed on Sunday in the early morning.

Tent behind Tigers: (#)
5599/AYN +2 		AS555UN 	EAALAT

4232/AXH 		SA342L1 	EAALAT
3957/AXW 		SA342M 		EAALAT

5541/AYI, 5591/AYL 	AS555UN 	EAALAT
1196/AZC 		SA330B 		EAALAT

5491/AYB, 5529/AYF 	AS555UN 	EAALAT
1163/AZF 		SA330B 		EAALAT

3458/AXY, 3853/AXM 	SA342M 		EAALAT
3896/AXB, 4032/AXP 	SA342M 		EAALAT
4096/AXX 		SA342M 		EAALAT

1057/AZB 		SA330B 		EAALAT
F-BIFH 			H-23A 		ex 273
F-ZWRA 			SA340 		private 002

Hangar (Tiger compound, doors open all day):
1504/AWD 		SA341F 		EAALAT
3857/AXJ, 3870/AXG 	SA342M 		EAALAT
3920/AXO, 4022/AXK 	SA342M 		EAALAT
4065/AXA, 4114/AXL 	SA342M 		EAALAT
Thanks to the open doors of this hangar, the codes of the AXJ,
AXK, AXL and AWD could be read from the public area of the
base. 4118/AXN was visible too, but this chopper also
performed pleasure flights and was therefore already
mentioned above and omitted here. To see the AXA, AXG, AXJ
and AXO you had to do a bit of walking and look from the back
side of the hangar.

Hangar Tiger compound (#):
86+77 			Bo105P 		nn spec mks
88+09 			Bo105P 		nn

Hangar Tiger compound (#):
..../ATT 		SA342 		nn
1x 			Tiger 		nn

Hangar Tiger compound (#):
4083/A(X)Z 		SA342 		nn
1x 			Tiger 		nn

Parked close to the preserved airframes: (#)
1252/AZR 		SA330B 		EAALAT

Preserved on base: (#)
(FR107) 		H-21C 		preserved
251 			MH1251M 	preserved
2066/BBD 		SA318C 		preserved
1703/LJY 		SA341F 		preserved

Other civil:
D-HAFR, D-HAFW 		Bell 205A1 	Agrarflug
F-AZTE 			C-47A 		Air France/KLM c/s
F-GCQZ 			AS350BA 	Aviaexess
F-GSJT 			AS350BA 	Jet Azur
F-GYVE 			EC120B 		Helicopt. de France
F-GZAC 9047 		AS350B3 	Helicopt. de France

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