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Le Luc 2014

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Le Luc 60 years ALAT airshow
Date: 29 June 2014
87+01 Bo105P1 nnh  
74+15 Tiger UHT D/F HFAZT  
HT.17-07/ET-407 CH-47D BHELTRA V  
5608/AYQ AS555UN EALAT  
10 NH90-NFH 31F  
1290/EAE NH90-TTH CFIA  
1229/DDJ SA330B EALAT  
4183/GOB SA342M EALAT  
14 SE3160 36F  
6005/BJE Tiger HAD EFA  
F-HBKR EC120B HeliDax  
F-ZBGJ EC135T2+ Douanes  
F-GKCU SA365N Heli-Union  
Flightline East:
74+06, 74+38 Tiger UHT D/F HFZAT  
5529/AYF, 5599/AYN AS555UN EALAT  
2630/CAC EC725AP 4RHFS  
1239/EAA, 1293/EAH NH90-TTH CFIA  
889/MCC PC-6/B2-H4 ETCM  
1052/DCB, 1142/DCN SA330B EALAT  
1172/DCV SA330B EALAT  
156/ABT TBM-700B EAAT  
2023/BHB, 2046/BIN Tigre HAP 5RHC  
6004/BJD Tigre HAD EFA  
F-HBKJ EC120B HeliDax  
SA342M of 1RHC:
3852/GNE, 4039/GBC, 4145/GBY
SA342M of EALAT:
3865/GAN, 3921/GAQ, 4049/GNP, 4096/GNU, 4159/GNZ, 4182/GKC
1010/AZO SA330B desert c/s, dumped farside  
1252/DDP SA330B parked on grass  
Flightline West:
5471/AYA, 5503/AYD AS555UN EALAT  
Plus two helicopters of Heli Union.
First hangar east side (public):
Hangar NH90 (last hangar east side, public, through windows):
1271/EAC NH90-TTH CFIA  
Hangar Flightline (1st):
5491/AYB, 5527/AYE AS555UN EALAT  
5602/AYO, 5610/AYR AS555UN EALAT  
1073/DCF, 1223/DDH SA330B EALAT  
1662/DDX SA330B EALAT  
Hangar Flightline (2nd):
3546/GJF, 4143/GNX SA342M EALAT  
4190/GMJ SA342M EALAT  
This hangar was locked. More Gazelles could be seen but not identified
Hangar Flightline (3rd):
5496/AYC, 5537/AYG AS555UN EALAT  
5539/AYH, 5541/AYI AS555UN EALAT  
5591/AYL, 5606/AYP AS555UN EALAT  
5611/AYK AS555UN EALAT  
Inside air shelter/tent (nearest to the hangar):
4065/GNR, 4083/GNT SA342M EALAT  
4146/GNY SA342M EALAT  
4208/GED, 4214/GEI SA342L1 EALAT  
Hangars Westside:
74+05, 74+07 Tiger UHT F/F HFAZT $
86+78 Bo105P1M KHR26  
4201/GMK SA342L1 EALAT  
2026/BHR Tigre HAP GAM/STAT  
Tigre HAP of EFA:
2009/BHB, 2010/BHA, 2045/BIM
Tigre HAP of 5RHC:
2015/BHD, 2019/BHE, 2023/BHP, 2026/BHR, 2030/BHW, 2031/BHX
There also was an unmarked Tiger in this hangar. Apparently used for BDRT. No serials could be found on it, anyone for this ID?

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