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Luxeuil 2001

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Date: 1 July 2001

Made by:


FA107, FA118/FS		F-16A		2w      
E-604			F-16AM	        Esk723  
ET-615			F-16BM	        Esk723  
J-068			F-16BM	        322sq   
92-0023 		F-16D	        181 Filo
93-0014			F-16C	        181 Filo
XX330/CL		Hawk T1A	100sq
XZ372/ED		Jaguar GR3	6sq
ZG799/GP		Tornado F3	43sq
84-0009/LN, 86-0175/LN	F-15C		493rd FS
E45/330-AK		Alpha Jet E	EC05.330   
02/300-CB	        CAP231		EPAA20.300         
202/XE		        D140E		DV05.312           
A138/7-HV	        Jaguar A	EC01.007   
E12/339-WI	        Jaguar E	CITac00.339
244/30-QH	        Mirage F1CT	EC02.030   
59/CF		        Mirage 4P	ERS01.091  
11/5-NJ		        Mirage 2000C	EC01.005   
46/2-EN		        Mirage 2000-5F	EC01.002   
311/4-BT, 349/4-BM	Mirage 2000N	EC02.004
343/4-AH, 358/4-AM	Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
344			Mirage 2000N	EC01.004, spec mks
366/4-BO, 369/4-BQ	Mirage 2000N	EC02.004
1518/AFB		SA341F		6RHC
1411/ADH		SA330Ba		6RHC

Hangar near static (closed):
316, 364, 367, 368	Mirage 2000N	nn

CITac 339 flightline:
E38/339-DG		Alpha Jet E	CITac00.339
E137/339-DE	        Alpha Jet E	CITac00.339
R18/61-MM	        C-160R		ET01.061           

Near CITac flightline:
5526/WG			AS355N		nn
1791/F-ZBBC		Alouette 3	S├ęcurite Civile

Inside CITac hangar:
E152/339-DH +1		Alpha Jet E	CITac00.339
E3/339-WF, E30/339-WN	Jaguar E	CITac00.339
451/339-JC, 483/339-JI	Falcon 20SNA	CITac00.339
Falcon 483/339-JI also did some flying.

Shelter in CITac Area:
E35/339-WK		Jaguar E	CITac00.339, also flying

Shelter 27 near static (closed):
1x			Mirage 2000N	EC00.004

9501, 9526		Lancer B	Grupul 86
4386, 4449		Tornado IDS	JBG34
E28/8-NK		Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008
E66/8-ME		Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
E6/7-HR, E40/7-HX	Jaguar E	EC01.007
E37/7-PM		Jaguar E	EC02.007
24/33-FD, 87/33-FS	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
502/33-FX		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
514/5-OE, 521/5-ON	Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
13			Super Etendard	17F
F-AZCI			UC-61K		ex USAAF 44-83037
F-AZIG			Harvard 4	ex CAF 20337
F-AZHR "517749"		Fennec		ex FAF 135
F-AZKM			OV-10B		ex GAF 9924
F-AZMU			P-51D		ex USAAF 44-72035
F-AZOO "127/DU-J"	Vampire FB6	ex SwissAF J-1127
F-AZOP "192/DU-M"	Vampire FB6	ex SwissAF J-1192
F-BMMY			MS733		ex FN 128
F-GIDJ			MH1521M		ex ALAT 283
PH-DHC			U-6A		as NethAF "S-9"
PH-OUQ			Spitfire LF9	as NethAF "MK732/3W-17"

And the Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets E:
E120/F-TERG/1	E41/F-TERA/2	E128/F-TERN/3
E138/F-TERM/4	E153/F-TERH/5	E175/F-TERL/6
E135/F-TERX/7	E160/F-TERC/8	E121/F-TERK/9

Sun-shelter far side:
332/4-BN		Mirage 2000N	EC02.004
This aircraft also took part in the mass formation.

Shelter area far side:
309/4-AO, 319/4-AC	Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
318/4-BP, 336/4-BI	Mirage 2000N	EC02.004
339/4-AD, 341/4-AF	Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
342/4-BA, 363/4-BK	Mirage 2000N	EC02.004
The 363 flew together with the C-135FR. All other were part of the
mass formation (together with the above mentioned 332).

Flying only:
736/93-CH		C-135FR		ERV00.093

R54/61-MZ		C-160R		ET00.061, visitor
202/339-WW		CM170		pres, spec c/s
568/4-BI		Mirage 3E	pres, near gate
572/4-BR		Mirage 3E	pres, near flightline
1/330-DA		MS760		stored, Southeast corner
146/XR			TBM700		ETEC00.065, arr late evening

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