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Metz 1974

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Date: 22 September 1974

Made by:


33                    N2501                        EE54 DUNQUERQUE 
.         62-K.       N2501                        ET2/62 ANJOU 
 35       2-HG        CM170R                       EEVSV 2EME ESCADRE 
.         41-A.       CM170R                       ELA00/041 VERDUN 
94        41-AR       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
73        41-AS       MS760                        ELA00/041 VERDUN 
.         41-A.       MH1521                       ELA00/041 VERDUN 
54-1577   338-HO      T-33S-US                     CEVSV338 
A 23      7-HI        JAGUAR A                     EC1/7 PROVENCE 
12        13-SA       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
518       3-JN        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC2/3 CHAMPAGNE 
330       33-NP       MIRAGE IIIR                  ER2/33 SAVOIE 
266       2-ZJ        MIRAGE IIIBE                 ECT2/2 COTE D'OR 
54-2156   11-MD       F-100D                       EC2/11 VOSGES 

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