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Mont-de-Marsan 1995

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Date: 15 July 1995

Made by: Scramble


3790                  F-4F         JG71
4481                  Tornado IDS  JBG34
E142/MB               Alpha Jet E  EC05.330
605                   Mirage 3E    EPNER, nose of Mirage 3R
56/CC                 Mirage 4A    EB01.091
31/330-AC             Mirage F1C   EC05.330
254/330-AJ            Mirage F1CT  EC05.330
507/330-AD            Mirage F1B   EC05.330
643/330-AF            Mirage F1CR  EC05.330
80/330-AS             Mirage 2000C EC05.330
528/330-AN            Mirage 2000B EC05.330
530/12-YA             Mirage 2000B EC01.012
58-0124               KC-135R      22nd ARW
91-0338/SP            F-16C        22nd FS
91-0464/SP            F-16D        22nd FS
164680/AJ-311         F/A-18C      VFA-15

FA66                  F-16A        nb
FA98                  F-16A        1sm
3739                  F-4F         JG71
4167, 4172            Alpha Jet    FLG FFB
4336, 4461            Tornado IDS  JBG34
E85/330-AL            Alpha Jet E  EC05.330
E96/8-MT, E102/8-MC   Alpha Jet E  EC01.008
18/VK                 Cap10B       GI312?
02/CB                 Cap231       GI312
458/312-JC,466/312-JK EMB312F      GI312
E11/7-PE, E21/7-PM    Jaguar E     EC02.007
E23/7-PB              Jaguar E     EC02.007
72/330-AG,251/330-AY  Mirage F1C   EC05.330
80/33-FK, 201/33-FI   Mirage F1C   EC03.033
18/2-FL               Mirage 2000C EC02.002
89/12-YB              Mirage 2000C EC01.012
92/330-AW, 93/330-AR  Mirage 2000C EC05.330
107/12-YR, 117/12-YD  Mirage 2000C EC01.012
512/2-FI              Mirage 2000B EC02.002
524/330-AZ            Mirage 2000B EC05.330
611/330-AM            Mirage 2000D EC05.330
1383/67-AN            SA330B       EH01.067
92/F-SEXI/1           TB30         GE315
100/F-SEXQ/4          TB30         GE315
105/F-SEXV/2          TB30         GE315
117/F-SEYH/3          TB30         GE315
25                    Sup Etendard 59S
M01                   Rafale M     nb
1080/BDA              SA341F       ESALAT
E23/F-TERO/9,   E37/F-TERI/1,   E72/F-TERG/8
E89/F-TERE/7,   E97/F-TERL/2,   E105/F-TERF/3
E106/F-TERJ/4,  E125/F-TERH/5,  E140/F-TERD/6
E173/F-TERP/0         Alpha Jet E  GI312/PdFrance
902                   F-5A         336 skv
908                   F-5B         336 skv
15223, 15237          Alpha Jet    nb
XX319/TF, XX350/TC    Hawk T1A     74(R)sq
85-0070               B-1B         28th BS
84-0003/BT,84-0027/BT F-15C        53rd FS
F-AZHJ                Vampire FB6  "57.S.9"
F-AZHR                Vautour 2N   '348'
F-GDPZ                MH1521M      '208/7-JI'

Baptisme de l'air:
R18/61-MM, R99/61-ZQ  C-160R       ET061
742/IA, 745/IB        DHC-6-300    EET06.330
24/330-DB, 26/330-DR  MS760        EET06.330
54/330-DQ, 65/330-DP  MS760        EET06.330
73/330-DF             MS760        EET06.330
93/330-IC             TBM700       EET06.330

Hangars flightline:
E45/330-AK            Alpha Jet E  EC05.330
E139/330-AH           Alpha Jet E  EC05.330
607/330-AB            Mirage F1CR  EC05.330
511/2-FH              Mirage 2000B EC02.002
612/330-AX            Mirage 2000D EC05.330

542/330               CM170        preserved
215/13-FC             Mirage 3B    dump
43/BP                 Mirage 4A    preserved    gate
234                   Mystere 4A   preserved    gate
364/92-AY             Vautour 2N   preserved
...		      Mirage 3	   dump, upside down
...		      Mirage 3     dump, no tail, at "car-cemetary"

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