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Phalsbourg 2003

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Date: 14/15 June 2003

Made by: Scramble


H02			A109HO		nb   
80+51			Bo105M	        HFR35
87+12			Bo105P	        HFCS7
E9/8-MJ, E119/8-MI	Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
5448/VR			AS355N		EH02.067  
69/315-WL, 96/315-XM	TB30	        EPAA00.315
117/FSEYH/3		TB30	        EPAA00.315
144/315-ZI		TB30	        EPAA00.315
452			AS565MA	        36F       
133			Falcon 10MER	57S
2156/BHD		Alouette 2	pres
1596/KZD		Alouette 3	pres
1236/CYN, 1239/CZG	SA330Ba		1RHC                 
2254/CZW, 2303/CYA	AS532UL	        1RHC                 
2443/CYC		AS532UL	        1RHC                 
1487/CWA		SA341F	        1RHC                 
3867/CWQ		SA342M	        1RHC                 
136/ABR			TBM700	        EAAT                 
2118/JCV		AS350B	        Gendarmerie          
F-AZBE			AT-6C	        as 4312127/TA-127    
F-AZCM	                T-6J	        ex MM53802           
F-AZCQ	                T-6G	        ex 493037            
F-AZCV	                T-6G	        ex 51-14456          
F-AZDP	                AD-4N	        ex 124143/RM-205     
F-AZHA	                NC856A	        c/n 25, ex ALAT      
F-AZHE	                T-6	        F6F replica as "14F7"
F-AZIM	                Yak-3	        as 27                
F-AZKG	                T-28 Fennec	ex 82/FAF    
F-AZMP	                T-6G		ex 493056/X-56       
F-AZRB	                AT-6D	        ex 90747/3      
F-AZSC	                AT-6C	        ex 134076/TA-076

New hangar (in between hangars 5 and 6 ):
4039/CXF, 4054/CXS	SA342M		1RHC
4119/CWU, 4175/CXE	SA342M		1RHC

Hangar 8:
4059/CXB		SA342M		1RHC

Flightlines static side:
887/MCA			PC6/B2-H2	ERGM
1130/CZN, 1149/CYS	SA330Ba		1RHC
1510/CZH		SA330Ba		1RHC
1718/CWH		SA341F		1RHC
4047CWT			SA342M		1RHC

Elsewhere static side:
1180/PHG		SA341F		pres
2323/CYB		AS532UL		1RHC, right hangar near parking lot
2x			Puma		left hangar near parking lot

Far side:
..../CWB, ..../CWB	Gazelle		nn
..../CWD, ..../CWH	Gazelle		nn
..../CWM, ..../CWP	Gazelle		nn
..../CWV, ..../CXA	Gazelle		nn
..../CXC, ..../CXD	Gazelle		nn
..../CXG, ..../CXH	Gazelle		nn
..../CXJ		Gazelle		nn
..../CZY +1		Puma		left hangar
..../CZL, 1136/CZQ	Puma		right hangar

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