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Phalsbourg 2014

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Phalsbourg Portes Ouvertes
Date: 14-15 June 2014
H27 A109BA 1w £
0797/JD EC135T2+ Gendarmerie  
890/MCD PC-6/B2-H4 ETCM  
159/ABU TBM700B EAAT  
5599/AYN AS555UN EALAT  
1273/EAD NH90-TTH 1 RHC  
1092/DAI, 1204/DAV SA330B 1 RHC  
1243/DBB SA330B 1 RHC  
4124/GBS, 4145/GBY SA342M 1 RHC  
4218/GEM SA342L1 1 RHC  
6006/BJF Tigre HAD 1 RHC  
86+50 Bo105P1M KHR36
Q-17 AH-64DN 301sq £
735 Mi-24V 56.Blot?  
6101 Mi-8MT 37.dlot? £
T-316 AS332M1 nm  
D-HLTO EC155B BundesPolizei-Süd  
F-AZYB SE3130 ex 163 Aeronavale 1003
F-AZYQ SE3130 private (1596/KZD)
“3160/GLE” SA.316B nn  
F-HBKC EC120 HeliDax  
F-ZBGH EC135T2+ Douanes Francais  
F-ZBPL EC145 Securite Civile (left sunday)  
N11FX AH-1T Red Bull  
F-AZND N3202B ex 59 AdlA  
F-BGPT/F-39 PA18-25 USAAF c/s  
Farside (dispersals):
1136/DCM SA330B 1 RHC  
1294/EAI, 1295/EAJ NH90-TTH 1 RHC  
6007/BJG Tigre HAD 1 RHC  
F-HBKB EC120 HeliDax  
Farside (grass field):
3615/GJH SA342M 1 RHC row1-2
4053/GBE SA342M 1 RHC row1-3
3512/GAC SA342M 1 RHC row1-4
3862/GAL SA342M 1 RHC row1-5
4059/GBF SA342M 1 RHC row2-1
3852/GNE SA342M 1 RHC row2-2
3866/GNI SA342M 1 RHC row2-3
4177/GKB SA342M 1 RHC row2-4
3868/GAO SA342M 1 RHC row2-5
4227/GEV SA342L1 1 RHC row3-1
1164/DCS/16 SA330B 1 RHC row3-2
1451/DBH SA330B 1 RHC  
Hangar 1 (open):
3911/GAP SA.342M 1 RHC  
Hangar 2 (open):
1403/1RHC SA341F GIA, desert camo  
1x SA341/2 tail only  
Hangar 3 (closed to public):
1296/FPN SA341F std, rotorless  
4026/GBA, 4072/GBI SA342M 1 RHC  
4136/GBT, 4184/GOC SA342M 1 RHC  
4186/GCM SA342M 1 RHC  
4210/GEF, 4220/GEO SA342L1 1 RHC  
Hangar (closed, near parking area):
1190/DDA/11 SA330B 1 RHC  
Hangar (closed, near parking area):
1292/EAG NH90-TTH 1 RHC  
1156/DAQ SA330B 1 RHC  
Tent Hangar (closed, near parking area):
1172/DCV SA330B 1 RHC  
Pres on base:
..../FCR SA341F std (behind tower)  
2156/PHG SA318C pres main gate  
1180 SA341F pres at show entrance  
The Gazelle was read off from the c/n plate inside the cockpit.
# special colours
£ also flying

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