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St Dizier 1976

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Date: 20 June 1976

Made by: Willy Metze, Alan Macey

Updated: 14 June 2005,1 October 2013

2084/67-FF              SA319B          EH1/67
A19/7-HE 	        Jaguar A        EC1/7 
E24          	        Jaguar E        nmks
49-0923/7-JB 	        T-33A           SALE 7   
102/7-JE                CM170R          SALE 7       
198/7-JI                MH1521M         SALE 7       
18/AQ                   Mirage IVA      EB 2/94
23/30-FA                Mirage F.1C     EC 3/30
262/2-ZG                Mirage IIIBE    ECT 2/2
37/13-SK                Mirage 5F       EC 3/13
353/33-TB               Mirage IIIRD    ER 3/33

54-2157/11-ML           F-100D          EC 2/11

Outside maintenance hangar:
E7/7-PA		        Jaguar E     	EC2/7   
E22     		Jaguar E    	n/mks

Maintenance hangar:
A45/7-IF 		Jaguar A     	EC3/7   
E32/11-RG		Jaguar E    	EC3/11  

Gate guard:
28997/1-ET		F-84F       

A15/7-HP                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A16  			Jaguar A	nmks
A21/7-HG                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A22/7-HH                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A23/7-HI		Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A24/7-HJ                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A25/7-HK                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A26/7-II		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A27/7-IJ		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A29/7-HL                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A30/7-IN		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A32/7-IL		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A33/7-IM		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A34/7-HM                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A35/7-HA                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A37/7-IC		Jaguar A 	EC3/7		also logged as A37/7-IG
A37?/7-HN               Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A40/7-HD                Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A41/7-IP		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A43/7-IQ		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A44/7-IH		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
E23/7-PK		Jaguar E	EC2/7

Hangar (1):	
A17/7-HO		Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A28/7-HB		Jaguar A 	EC1/7
A42/7-HC		Jaguar A 	EC1/7
41581/2-HF		T-33A   	EC 2  

Hangar (2):
E12/7-PF  		Jaguar E	EC2/7
E25/7-PL  		Jaguar E	EC2/7

Hangar (3):
A31/7-IK  		Jaguar A 	EC3/7
A39/7-IA  		Jaguar A 	EC3/7		also logged as A36/7-IA
A36			Jaguar A 	nmks
A46			Jaguar A 	nmks
A47			Jaguar A 	n/mks

118-DF		        MH1521M    	CEAM    	also logged as 319/113-DF
37/BJ	        	Mirage IVA  	EB2/94 

168/62-KO		N.2501F     	ET2/62  
148/62-QM		N.2501F         ET2/62     
42/BO   		Mirage IVA  	EB2/94  
1968/67-FA		Alouette III    EH2/67  
2090/67-FH		Alouette III    EH2/67             


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