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Toul 1991

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Date: 26 May 1991

Made by: Phil Globe, Erik Verkerk

Updated: 1 August 2002

54-2131/11-MP 		F-100D                                  
648/33-CF    	        Mirage F.1CR    	EC 1/33         
4640                    Tornado ECR    		JBG 38          
520/3-IT                Mirage IIIE        	EC 1/3          
A86/11-RT    	        Jaguar A           	EC 3/11         
18/13-SF      	        Mirage VF         	EC 3/13         
A50/11-MC   	        Jaguar A           	EC 2/11         
XX168/168    	        Hawk T.1           	4 FTS           
ZD327/AJ     	        Harrier GR5       	3 sqn           
XX143/GS-40 	        Jaguar T.2A      	54 sqn          
A38/11-RE    	        Jaguar A           	EC 3/11         
188742         	        CF-18A             	439 sqn         
6/2-LH                  Mirage 2000C    	EC3/2           
228/30-SB    	        Mirage F.1C-200 	EC 3/30         
3804                    F-4F                   	JG 74           
4476                    Tornado              	JBG 32          
ZA608/A       	        Tornado GR.1     	617 sqn         
360/4-BR      	        Mirage 2000N     	EC2/4           
A140/11-EL   	        Jaguar A            	EC 1/11         
186/339-WM  	        DA.20SNA        	CIPR 339        
XX484/CU-566 	        Jetstream T.1   	750 sqn         
133094                  CT-133A          	1 CAD           
ZF240/240      	        Tucano T.1       	7 FTS           
141/315-ZF     	        TB.30              	GE 315          
E59/314-LN    	        Alpha Jet         	GE 314          
203/11-OE      	        CM170            	Baseflight EC 11
F-AZCM/U-301 	        Harvard IIB      	nn              
F-BOHP                  MH.1521         	c/n 10          
A103/11-MA    	        Jaguar A         	EC 2/11         
1213/BZH        	SA.330            	3 RHC
1312/BWS      		SA.341F           	3 RHC
136237           	CH.136            	444 sqn
5445/67-MJ     		SA.355F          	EH 2/67
Hangar behind static:
A122/11-EQ    		Jaguar A        	EC 1/11
A91/11-YG      		Jaguar A        	EC 4/11 (behind nets)
A13/11-RD      		Jaguar A        	EC 3/11 (behind nets)
A113/11-MW   		Jaguar A        	EC 2/11 (behind nets)
MM54480/0        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54479/1        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54486/2        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54475/3        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54473/4        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54482/5        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54551/6        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54445/8        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54536/9        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
MM54483/10        	MB.339        		Frecce Tricolori
81960/WR        	A-10A            	78 TFS
80179/WR        	A-10A            	78 TFS
86245/SP         	F-16C            	480 TFS
87281/SP         	F-16C            	480 TFS
E36/0/F-TERC    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E155/1/F-TERF    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E171/2/F-TERN    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E19/3/F-TERH    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E25/4/F-TERJ    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E51/5/F-TERA    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E156/6/F-TERG    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E92/7/F-TERE    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E49/8/F-TERI    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
E107/9/F-TERK    	Alpha Jet     		PdF
88/315-XE        	TB.30             	GE 315
94/315-XK        	TB.30             	GE 315
109/315-XZ       	TB.30             	GE 315
510/2-FG          	Mirage 2000B   		EC 2/2
513/2-FJ           	Mirage 2000B   		EC 2/2
1972/67-FA       	AL.III                	EC 2/67
221/F-AZAI       	MD.312 Flamant
125716/22-DC/F-AZFN    	AD-4 Skyraider
49-3432/F-AZGS          AT-6
595/F-BTXD              SV-4 Stampe
F-BYAY                  Bu 133
639/F-BDMI              SV-4 Stampe
F-BOUE                  J-3C-65
F-BEJK                  Fi156
1348/F-GGCQ             AL.II
Shelterarea EC 1/11:
A...            	Jaguar A        	(only 25/5)
E..             	Jaguar E        	(25/5 and 26/5)
E41/314-LC 		Alpha Jet      		GE 314
Shelterarea EC 2/11:
A61/11-MG    		Jaguar A    		EC 2/11
A89/11-MM    		Jaguar A    		EC 2/11
A99/11-EI       	Jaguar A    		EC 1/11
A108/11-MP   		Jaguar A    		EC 2/11
A120/11-MR   		Jaguar A    		EC 2/11
A138/11-RX    		Jaguar A    		EC 3/11
Hanger EC 2/11:
A117/11-MH   		Jaguar A    		EC 2/11
Preserved in this shelterarea:
316        		Mirage IIIR        	Tiger colors
Shelterarea EC 4/11:
3840                	F-4F             	JG 74
F214/64-GN     		C-160NG       		ET 64
F227/64-GP     		C-160NG       		ET 64  	(only 26/5)
502/30-FC        	Mirage F.1B  		ECT 30
520/30-FR        	Mirage F.1B  		ECT 30
5../30-FW         	Mirage F.1B  		ECT 30
66/AB              	Nord 262       		ET 1/65	(only 25/5)
80/AW             	Nord 262       		ETE 44	(only 26/5)
A12/11-EB        	Jaguar A       		EC 1/11	(spare)
A127/11-EH      	Jaguar A       		EC 1/11
A130/11-EN      	Jaguar A       		EC 1/11
403/13-QE        	Mirage IIIE     	EC 1/13
405/13-QP        	Mirage IIIE     	EC 1/13
434/13-QK        	Mirage IIIE     	EC 1/13
436/13-QM        	Mirage IIIE     	EC 1/13	(spare)
458/13-QI          	Mirage IIIE     	EC 1/13
469/3-IF            	Mirage IIIE     	EC 1/3
624/3-IZ            	Mirage IIIE      	EC 1/3
45/43-BC           	MS 760         		ETE 43	(only 25/5)
MT30                	Alpha Jet      		11 Sm	(only 26/5)
........                SA.355N        		Gendarmerie	(only 26/5)
Mass-formation Jaguar As EC 11:
A1/11-RW,   A2/11-EA,   A8/11-RB,   A58/11-RH,  A90/11-MB,  A107/11-MV,
A115/11-RL, A118/11-MD, A128/11-MF, A133/EF,    A135/11-RJ, A137/11-EJ,
A139/11-EV, A145/11-ET, A149/11-RK, A151/11-EU, A153/11-RA, A158/11-RM.

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