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Toulon 2004

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Date: 15 August 2004

Made by: Scramble


1x			AS565MB		Moroccan Navy (on board "Mohammed V")
219	                Alouette 3	22S      
318	                SA365F1		35F              
507	                AS565MA	        36F              
163 +1	                SA321G	        32F              
5448/VR	                AS355N	        EH02.067         
5511/WC	                AS355N	        EH02.067         
2233/FY	                AS332L1	        EH03.067         
2235/FZ	                AS332L1	        EH03.067         
1321/AH	                SA330B	        EH01.067         
1620/AW	                SA330B	        EH01.067         
1060/AZI	        SA330B	        EAALAT           
1252/AZR	        SA330B	        EAALAT           
2293/BJK	        AS532UL	        DAOS             
2271/BJL	        AS532UL	        DAOS             
1239/CZG	        SA330B	        1RHC             
1222/CZN	        SA330B	        1RHC             
1753/JCG	        AS350B	        Gendarmerie      
9037/JBH +1	        EC145	        Gendarmerie      
F-GJAX		        AS355N	        SAF / Samu 83    
F-GMON		        EC135T1	        Helicap / Samu 83
F-ZBPT, F-ZBPX	        EC145	        Sécurité Civile  
F-ZBFT		        AS350B1	        Sécurité Civile  
codes WK and WL		Ecureuil	nn
codes FU, AR, BPV, CZD	Puma		nn
2x			Lynx		nn

740/93-CL		C-135FR		GRV00.093
1x			E-2C		nn
4x			Jaguar		nn
4x			Mirage 2000N	nn
4x			Rafale		nn
9x			Super Etendard	nn
8x			Alpha Jet E	Patrouille de France

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