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Tours 1973

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Date: 16 September 1973

Made by: Alan Macey


69/314-TS,22/314-TG	Mystere IVA   	GE 314
291/8-NF, 276/8-NJ	Mystere IVA  	EC 2/8
324/8-NH, 178/8-NK	Mystere IVA  	EC 2/8
297/8-MH, 142/8-MB  	Mystere IVA  	EC 1/8
286/8-MD, .../8-MV  	Mystere IVA  	EC 1/8
60           		N.2501F       	ET 64/64-BX
191         		N.2501F       	ET 62/61-QJ
20           		N.2501F       	GI 312/312-BH
.../CCN                 Al.II           
21012/314-UU, 21132/YV	T-33A		GE 314
21112/VA, 53098/YB	T-33A		GE 314
17472/UG, 19255/VY	T-33A		GE 314
21155/UL, 21140/VD	T-33A		GE 314
21107/YX, 21420/VK	T-33A		GE 314
21211/VZ, 16767/VE	T-33A		GE 314
21400/YU, 53103/VP	T-33A		GE 314
14230/VV, 21105/YO	T-33A		GE 314
21195/YE, 21081/YK	T-33A		GE 314
21380/UX, 14115/YM	T-33A		GE 314
21477/UC, 21049/VC	T-33A		GE 314
21050/YQ, 21002/UK	T-33A		GE 314
21177/YS, 21267/UA	T-33A		GE 314
16870/VS, 17483/VM	T-33A		GE 314
21064/UP, 21015/VF	T-33A		GE 314
21152/YN, 21485/YR	T-33A		GE 314
21182/UW, 19147/YC	T-33A		GE 314
16761/UN, 16763/YA	T-33A		GE 314
21029/YG, 21009/YP	T-33A		GE 314
21088/UI, 21439/VB	T-33A		GE 314
14,63    		Etendard IVM                  
14,20                   F-8E                          
167/12-YD               S.Mystere B.2   EC 1/12
52/61-MX                C.160F          ET 61  
212/314-DD              MD.312          GE 314
147/8-OK                MD.312          8 Esc   
250/319-CI              MD.312          GE 319
39/314-DB               MH.1521M        GE 314
175/314-DA              MH.1521M               
104                     MH.1521M                      
TB597                   Spitfire                      
187/UI,154/UU 		Ouragan  	presvd
410/2-EB      		Mirage IIIE     EC 1/2    
342/33-CJ               Mirage IIIR     ER 1/33  
19/LX                   MS.760          ET 65      
371/315-PC              CM.170R         GE 315 

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