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Tours 2009

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Date: 12 June 2009

Made by: Scramble


3H-FG, 3H-FK  		PC-7  		Fliegerschule  
AT20  			Alpha Jet1B+  	11sm
FA67, FA84  		F-16AM  	2w
FA116, FA134  		F-16AM  	10w
H44  			A109BA  	17sqMRH 
ST02, ST03, ST04  	SF260M+  	5sm
ST18, ST26  		SF260M+  	5sm
507/132-SE  		Mirage F1B  	GC01.030 
653/112-CV  		Mirage F1CR  	ER01.033 
5/115-OT  		Mirage 2000C  	EC02.005 
113/103-YO  		Mirage 2000C    EC01.012
512/115-OU, 522/115-OV 	Mirage 2000B    EC02.005
523/115-KJ, 526/115-YP  Mirage 2000B    EC02.005
682/133-JP  		Mirage 2000D    EC02.003
335/113-IJ, 336/113-IK  Rafale B  	EC01.091
136/315-ZA, 150/315-ZN  TB-30  		EPAA00.315 
459/312-JD, 466/312-JK  EMB312F  	EPNAA05.312 
R202/64-GB, R217/64-GQ	C160R  		ET00.064 
1370/AL  		SA330B  	ETOM00.088
2045/JCP  		AS350B  	Gendarmerie
2219/JCX  		AS350B  	Gendarmerie
5391/VA  		AS555AN  	ETM02.040
32  			Super Etendard	17F
F-GDNN  		TB-20  		DGAC
F-GUKC  		G120A-F  	E-CATS
F-GTCJ  		Extra 300  	EVAA
MM7239, MM7240  	F-16A ADF  	18°Gruppo
405  			An-26  		MH 59. Sz.D. R 
30, 41  		JAS39C  	MH 59. Sz.D. R 
CNA-MA  		CN235  		Escadre Transp 
927  			A-4SU  		150sq
933  			TA-4SU  	150sq
T-729  			Beech B1900  	Swiss Air Force
XX222/CI  		Hawk T1A  	100sq
F-AZOA  		Bulldog T1  	ex RAF XX688
F-AZZE  		CM170  		ex FAF 435

Patrouille de France/ EPAA20.300 Alpha Jet E:
E94/7,   E95/5,   E114/6,  E117/8,   E122/1,
E134/2,  E135/4,  E158/0,  E163/3,   E165/9 

Cartouche Dorée/EPAA00.315, TB30:
101/F-SEXR/1, 102/F-SEXS/2, 104/F-SEXU/3, 141/F-SEZF/4

Marche Verte CAP232:
CN-ABV/1,  CN-ABP/2,   CN-ABT/3,  CN-ABS/4,
CN-ABQ/5,  CN-ABR/6,   CN-ABU/7

Patrouille de Suisse, F-5E:
J-3082,   J-3083,   J-3084,   J-3085,   J-3088,   J-3090,   J-3091

Shelter 1:
E11/314-UB, E51/314-AD 	Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E125/314-LK, E146  	Alpha Jet E   	EAC00.314
E132/314-LZ  		Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314

Shelter 2:
E45/314-TF, E53/314-LI  Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E103/314-UA  		Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314

Shelter 3:
E12/314-LP, E61/314-LQ  Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314 
E90/314-TH, E96/314-TC 	Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314 
E137/314-LJ  		Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314 

Shelter 4:
E23/314-UG, E82/314-LW 	Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314

Open Hangar:
E107/314-DU  		Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E110/314-AH             Alpha Jet E     EAC00.314
E142/314-LO             Alpha Jet E     EAC00.314

Closed Hangar:
A18/7-HC  		Jaguar A  	nose only
E7/314-TU, E49/314-LB  	Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E20/8-MS  		Alpha Jet E  	ET001.008
E92/314-FL, E119/314-FE Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314

E88/314-LL, E139/314-FC Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E120/314-LG,E156/314-TI Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
F-AZZE 			CM-170

Platform Far end:
E38/314-LH, E58/314-TK 	Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
E67/314-TBE160/314-UH 	Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314
A117  			Jaguar A  	nose only
Also here was a cockpit of a Mirage marked 33-AI.

22/314-TG  		Mystere 4A  	pres.
187/UI  		Ouragan  	pres.
227  			Ouragan  	pres. as 205
21330/314-UM  		T-33  		pres.
A131/11-EE  		Jaguar A  	pres.

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