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Nea Anchialos 2008

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Date: 11 November 2008

Made by: Scramble


19448 			Sabre 2 	pres
68-0412 		F-4E 		pres
68-9077 		F-5A 		pres
(68-9072) 		F-5A 		pres, on pole civil side
52-6831/831 		F-84F 		pres
53-4916/TR-916 		T-33A 		pres
(60-397) 		DHC-3T 		as SX-ARO Argo Air
The DHC-3 is a former Norwegian Air Force example.

159640 			A-7E 		pres
68-0318 		F-4E 		pres
68-9073 		F-5A 		pres
64-17781 		F-104G 		pres
160857 			A-7E 		335 MV, no badge
133 			F-16C 		330 Mira

Hangar near static:
052 			F-16C 		341 Mira
057 			F-16C 		347 Mira
141 			F-16C 		330 Mira
Also in this hangar was a forward fuselage marked 88-0110. As
aircraft 110 is still flying it might be carrying this markings as
that was the first F-16C delivered to Greece.

4414 			AB205A 		358 MED

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