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Thessaloniki 2005

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Date: 15,19 September 2005

Made by: Scramble


060			F-16C-50	341 Mira
97167			(R)F-5A		special c/s 341 Mira
97174			F-5A		special c/s 343 Mira
01613			F-5B		blue/grey
160088			T-2E		120 PEA (19th only)

1069, 1123		CL-215		355 MTM
2042, 2052		CL-415GR	383 MEEA
RA-06295		Mi-26		nn
492622			C-47B		355/1 MTM (19th only)
+ 2x MiG-21, 2x IAR330 SOCAT and IAR99 Soim from Tanagra (19th only)

Behind platform, close to road:
38410, 38419		F-5A		ex HAF
69135, 89056		F-5A		ex HAF
89068, 38409		F-5A		ex HAF
21218 +1		F-5A		ex HAF
3012			NF-5A		ex HAF
3069			NF-5A		ex HAF
?			F-5B		wreck	brown camo colours
4110			Do28D-2		wfu
(KP255)			C-47		wfu

Near civil terminal:
135L-484		ERJ135BJ	SMYP
50+92			C-160D		LTG61 (19th only)

Shelter area:
(KK156)			C-47B		355/1 MTM
14x wfu F-5 in front of shelters.

(26866)/866		F-84F		near military gate
(92613)			C-47A		Aeroclub
19294			CL-13 Mk2	outside airfield near AEGEAN fuel station
"54"			F-5A		seaside HAF recreat. area

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