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Halim 2011

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Halim, Indonesia

65 Years TNI-AU

Date: 9-4-2011
TL-0112 Hawk 109 SkU.1  
TT-0221, TT-0224 (@) Hawk 209 SkU.1  
TT-0225, TT-0229, TT-0231 Hawk 209 SkU.1  
TS-1605, TS-1606, TS-1609 F-16A SkU.3  
TS-1611, TS-1612 F-16A SkU.3  
TS-1603 F-16B SkU.3  
TS-2703, TS-2704 Su-27SKM SkU.11 demo
TS-2705 Su-27SKM SkU.11 demo
TS-3003, TS-3004 Su-30MK2 SkU.11 ramp
TS-3005 Su-30MK2 SkU.11 ramp
TL-0102, TL-0103 Hawk 109 SkU.12  
TT-0213 (@), TT-0214 Hawk 209 SkU.12  
TS-0502, TS-0509, TS-0512 F-5E SkU.14  
TS-0515, TS-0516 F-5F SkU.14  
AI-7303 B737-2X9 SkU.5 ramp
A-7304 B737-2Q8 SkU.17 ramp
A-7305, A-7306 B737-400 SkU.17 ramp
A-2801 F28-1000 SkU.17 joyflights
A-1317, A-1318 ($) C-130H-30 SkU.31 $ = high-viz camo
A-1328 (#) L100-30 SkU.31 # = new camo
A-1305 (#), A-1312 C-130B SkU.32  
A-1309, A-1310 KC-130B SkU.32  
A-1315 (#) C-130H SkU.32  
H-3211 (#), H-3214 NAS332TT SkU.6  
HT-3315 (#) NSA330L SkU.8  
L-1802 Ce172(?) FASI banner tow
KT-1Bs of WP.1/Team Jupiter:
LD-0101, LD-0105 LD-0106, LD-0108
LD-0109, LD-0110 LD-0111, LD-0112
Plus one unidentified C-130.
Every year, the TNI-AU, or Indonesian Air Force, celebrates its anniversary with a flypast of aircraft and helicopters. Officially formed on 9 April 1946, this year marked the 65th anniversary of this event. Usually the flypast is a low-key affair taking place over Halim airbase in Jakarta, the prime location for all Air Force and Armed Forces celebrations. However, every five years the event takes on a different dimension when the latest equipment is presented in force. Unfortunately, this event is not widely publicised and the general public is only admitted to the edge of the airfield and some parts of the base. As usual, western media and western enthusiasts were not in evidence. Your editor and a few other enthusiasts have tried to gain access to the celebration, but were discouraged by a lack of commitment and a long list of required approvals. Halim Air Base has a wide security ring with manned check points, and getting close to the runway as a foreigner is impossible.
To the contrary, and much to the frustration of your very large and very white editor, locals have no problem whatsoever and sufficient pictures have been published on the internet to paint a complete picture of the show. Indonesia also has a growing family of civil- and military aviation enthusiasts who are increasingly active on the internet; see for example This year was highlighted by the presentation of eight KT-1Bs in full red-white Team Jupiter demo colours. The aircraft had been repainted in March. Also in evidence were the two ex-Garuda B737-400s received recently, and two Hawk 209s in a striking blue-grey camouflage. Even though the weather on Saturday was somewhat wet and grey, all in all it proved to be an exciting event with great weather during the rehearsal days and over fifty aircraft and helicopters in attendance. A nine-ship C-130 formation flew from Bandung, while the rest was based at Halim. The Su-30s did not fly on 9 April.
@ = blue/grey camo
$ = high-viz camo
# = new camo


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